Monday, September 13, 2004

Support the troops

Although the Bush administration has done a wonderful job with the military insofar as pay-raises and benefits (68% increases in his term) it seems that, like many well-intentioned programs, there are a few cracks in the new laws that need ‘mortar.’

The Federalist has outlined them better than I could (oh, the humility!). Please read the excerpt below and if you agree, please write to your Senators and Congressman and ask them to clean up this inequity, ASAP! (This is how to show that you support the troops. Do that at least, OK? Blast at the CiC later.)

[You’d also do well reading this Friday’s ‘The Federalist’ in its entirety; it is long and detailed but unlike a liberal’s view of the world, the detail is necessary for understanding.]

Please pass this on to anyone who you know that cares (or even pretends to care) about our troops…

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From The federalist:

From the "Department of Military Readiness"...

Ever since the hordes of Demo-funded lawyers swept into the state of Florida to contest the bogus issue of military absentee-ballot postmarking, politicos on both sides have learned these veterans might indeed be essential swing votes once again. (Perhaps military votes will actually be counted in the upcoming election.) The top priority of every military family right now must be the continued well-being of their military loved ones. That said, improved body armor, Humvee armor, IED detection equipment, increased training opportunities and the like will do more to improve family morale than any two dozen quality-of-life initiatives could hope to.

Without doubt the Bush administration and Congress have greatly improved military pay and benefits. One issue that needs to be tackled, however, is the unfortunate twist in tax law that actually hurts some of the junior personnel assigned to combat zones. By moving them into lower income tax brackets through well-intentioned combat provisions, as many as 10,000 troops actually lost money because they were no longer eligible for other federal programs and tax breaks such as the earned-income tax credit and certain child credits. Also, the Bush administration begrudgingly enacted a veterans' provision that finally, but only partially, eliminated the disability offset for retired pay. Here, it's our opinion that the administration must complete the circle and bring all disabled veterans into equity and end the offset entirely.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a military that didn't have to live on welfare?

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