Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spin & Fear

All news, it would seem, is spin. How it is reported and/or how those reporting it want to project an image is what spin is.

Read this short analysis, for a very good example of how spin is used to control national policy through public opinion:

Now, how about if we throw in highway statistics into that mix? Which is the most dangerous country to live in?

Of course, except for New Orleans, different years had to be used for our cities but it was just to make quite a startling point, after all.

Should we abandon those cities here in the USA? Should we abandon the war on terror? The only way that can be won is to change how those countries that are run by despots are run. The despots have to be removed and safe harbors have to be denied to the terrorists. Once the despots are removed there will naturally be a power grab attempted by those who do not want changes made. They have to be defeated, too. That’s what’s happening in Iraq now.

It is the opinion of this writer that we’d have an easier time doing this if we did it in more places at the same time. If we had deposed the Syrian and Iranian governments at the same time that we deposed Saddam Hussein, there would have been turmoil enough in those countries to have inhibited their coordinated interference in Iraq or with each other.

At the same time, perhaps the House of Saud would have been more eager to help stop terrorism, too; or they should certainly be next. Oil be damned, these people at the top need to be eliminated and the people their take charge of their own fates. Only then would they be occupied with their own fate enough to leave others to theirs.

That would have taken a real ballsy leader, though; and that’s something the world hasn’t seen in a democratic state since WWII; and then only because there was no other option.

Of course a lot of that is due to how the news is spun, how we mostly feel about what’s happening and what needs to be done. The example shown (above) is just a small example of how our thinking is manipulated all the time by people who really don’t know what’s going on but are afraid. They fear the truth, they fear the bad guys, but they fear the power to stop them even more. That’s insane and they are taking us into that insanity with them to our destruction.

Me, I’m on my side. I want to continue living in the best country the world has ever produced. I want this country to continue being the best ever produced and to get even better; but it isn’t. It started getting worse back in the middle of last century and the decline is accelerating, thanks to the spin-masters in control of the main stream media.

Few people can withstand the spin and our elected leaders are no exception. Fear permeates society; fear to do the right thing for fear of repercussions is the killer fear that will be our demise, more even that what the terrorists can ever instill in or do to us. That is why the bureaucracies just keep growing when action is needed. Nobody wants to take responsibility so they just add layers of paper pushers to deflect it.

[How did it help to add yet another layer of bureaucracy to the Intelligence infrastructure (Homeland Security) after 9/11 help, when it was determined that the biggest problem with the Intelligence Community was too much bureaucracy to begin with? How is that even considered sane? Have we lost sight of what sanity is? Simply put (by Albert Einstein), insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Use that as a minimum definition and what does it tell you about that solution?]

Doing the right thing isn’t easy; but it is what has to be done. Watch out for the spin, that is the source of the fear.

[If you’d like to know what needs to be done or if you truly don’t understand the problems facing us, read Colonel (US Army, Ret.) David Hunt’s book, “They Just Don’t Get It How Washington is Still Compromising Your Safety – and What You Can Do About It” – he has some great ideas and presents chilling facts; but, as he’ll tell you, it’s the fear of responsibility that inhibits any good ideas from being implemented.]

The only this that I fear is that there isn't nearly enough being done to win this defining battle for Civilization and that people just don't get it.

I'm Ichabod Crane in the 21st Century, and that's what i think!