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Flower power on the campaign trail

The Norman Hsu story just won’t go away and gets stranger as it unfolds.

After finding out the Hsu got much, most, maybe all the money he was throwing at a variety of democrats (Hillary’s campaign got more than all the rest by far – (See Note 1) So far, Hillary has pledged (make me gag) to return, first Hsu’s direct contribution of $36,000, and now the bundled money ($850,000)) we learned that the person it came from, Joel Rosenman, was who put on the Woodstock Music Festival. So what, right? It was interesting as an aside; but now I’ve learned that Hillary had attached an earmark on some bit of legislation that gave $1,000,000 of your money to build a Woodstock Museum! (See Note 2)

That doesn’t even make sense though, does it? The guy coughed up $40 million to get one back? It’s like the more I hear about all this the less sense it makes.

Now, after Hsu ran out on a million dollar bail fifteen years ago, and two million dollars a week ago, some judge wants to “see if five million will hold him” (That’s what the judge said). Let me guess... No? He bilked Rosenman of $40M and it seems that there may an additional $30 million+ from other people caught-up in his new Ponzi scheme. ( So, you tell me, with $70+ million of other people’s money to play with, will he willingly go to jail in order to not forfeit $5 million that wasn’t his to start with? Would you?

Surely he has over $60 million stashed away somewhere… OK, he’s throwing it around, after $7 million in bail, a couple million in ‘donations’, a million here and there to things like ‘The New School’ in New York and other such things, like living large, so maybe he’s down to his last $50 million (poor baby). Suicide, indeed (or as it’s being called, Hsu-icide); he’s trying to find a way out of the country that doesn’t involve the obvious checkpoints (from where he was). He took a train from CA to Chicago – how hard is it to cross into Canada from that vantage point? He wouldn’t even have to show his passport driving across (not till June 2009). Once in Canada his US passport would easily get him to China or anywhere. Where is all that money now? That’s what I’d like to know. (That and how can I get my hands on it? LOL)

Of course Hillary knew nothing about any of this; how could she, right? Well, she has Secret Service protection and they run background checks on everybody that comes into contact with her; that’s one way… That begs the question of why they didn’t turn Hsu in from the start, doesn’t it? Surely they knew he was a fugitive, no? Hell, folks, you can’t take more than $4,999 in cash out of the bank without filling out Federal forms demanding to know why you need that much cash; and this guy dumps nearly a million dollars on Hillary’s campaign and nobody asked where the money came from or who Hsu was? (Sounds like something off of a Chinese menu – Who Hsu Was in Spicy Sauce. LOL

Ol’ hubby, Bubba, is in charge of those Secret Service guys; does that have anything to do with the answers to those questions? How many millions did he (presumably) have to return from his campaigns over the years from sources ‘he knew nothing about’? (“You could have knocked me over with a straw.” – that from a man who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘is’ or what ‘sex’ means. … and couldn’t remember having sex “with that woman, Monica Lewinski”! (I never knew a man who forgot a blowjob – but that’s not ‘sex’ right?))

Who knew Hsu and when did they know it? Why in the hell would Hillary give your money away to build a Woodstock Museum? (What would be in a Woodstock Museum? An x-rated casino? Isn’t there one of those in the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor?) The main question is, why would anybody vote for such an obviously corrupt, hedonistic, egocentric, self-absorbed, paranoid, politician with delusions of grandeur? (Personally, I like my corrupt politicians a little more discrete about their shenanigans!) Really now, they do the same things, over and over, learn nothing of a positive nature, and think that makes them savvy enough to be President (again)? Come to think of it, it does, doesn’t it? They may do the same things time and again but they get away with them time and again; so why not? No doubt they have the right to laugh their sick, twisted asses off at the people who continue to support them; after all, who are the stupid ones?

PS: I wrote the above yesterday but neglected to post it. Good, now I won’t have to send a second one with newer information just printed in the New York Post: …even their style rivals my own. That article concludes with the following (emphasis mine):

“…You might have thought that Hillary's intimate knowledge of that scandal-plagued cash drive would have prompted her to avoid "bundlers" like Hsu.
If so, you would be wrong.
Last June, when the California Democratic Party passed on concerns that Hsu was involved in shady business, Hillary's finance director responded: "I can tell you with 100 [percent] certainty that Norman Hsu is NOT involved in a Ponzi scheme. He is COMPLETELY legit."
It then emerged, of course, that Hsu had been a fugitive for 15 years on charges of defrauding investors. He promised to surrender, failed to do so, then got nabbed after having some sort of breakdown on a passenger train.
Clinton's campaign insists that Hsu fell through the cracks of a faulty computer search (though reporters checking the same database found records of a bankruptcy filing, multiple lawsuits and links to possible criminal cases).
And her campaign chairman - Terry McAuliffe, known for his methodical courtship of big-money sources for Bill and Hillary - is pleading ignorance, telling The Washington Post, "I don't know how [Hsu] became involved."
This, despite reports that Hillary told her top finance aides to carefully vet big-money people - so as to avoid anything that would conjure up bad memories of Clinton-Gore '96.
But as one unnamed major fund-raiser told The New York Times: "The Clintons are the ultimate pragmatists in who they hang out with. If you can be useful to them, they will find a way to make it work."
That explains why Team Hillary turned a blind eye to Norman Hsu.
But what about Sandy Berger?
Probably just nostalgia.”

The bottom line, though, is why should she act differently? What she learned was that there are no consequences, none, zero, zip, nada. Charlie Trie, et al were only embarrassments to Clinton’s campaign, he was elected regardless of all of them. Why not take a chance if there is nothing to lose and everything to gain? Wouldn’t we all?

Sandy Burger got his wrist slapped for stealing and destroying National Security documents right out of the National Archives; Scooter Libby’s life was left in shambles for being confused about phone calls three years past in an investigation over absolutely nothing. There’s the difference between the Clintons’ and the rest of the world. For ‘Team Billery’, nothing ventured, nothing gained, with nothing to lose.


The following pieces are off of the Rush 24/7 website. They are followed (there) with links to the news stories from where the information was extracted.

Note 1: “More Democrats announced yesterday that they would dispose of funds that Mr. Hsu gave or raised, including Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York ($25,000), Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts ($35,000), Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu ($11,700), Montana Sen. Jon Tester ($4,750), Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill ($20,700) and Pennsylvania Rep. Joseph Sestak ($2,500).”

Note 2: Yesterday, during our excursion into broadcast excellence, we had a big story from the Wall Street Journal detailing where Norman Hsu (Hsu Xiao Ling) got his money, $40 million. Where did he get it, and how did it end up with the Clintons? We know how it ended up with the Clintons and the Democrat Party. But where he got it was from a guy named Rosenman who is now a financier on Madison Avenue in New York, and it turns out that Rosenman was one of the guys who founded, and orchestrated, and put on Woodstock in 1967 at Max Yasgur’s farm. I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon after the program that said, “Do you realize that Mrs. Clinton has proposed that Congress pay or spend one million dollars to build a Woodstock museum?” You know, Mrs. Clinton is running around like she didn’t know who Hsu is and she didn’t know where Hsu got his money. She has no idea about this. She’s totally surprised. So I read this e-mail with a lot of interest. Well, my gosh, here’s a connection, if she’s authorizing a million dollars spent for a Woodstock museum! So I looked it up. We did Nexis research, ladies and gentlemen, and have two stories to report to you. The first is from the Des Moines Register July 4th of this year.

“A tax-cut group Tuesday took aim at a bill sponsored by Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, questioning use of federal money for a Woodstock music festival museum, an online herbarium in New York, and a canoe-making program in Hawaii. Those projects are among more than 1,000 so-called ‘earmarks’ in a spending bill overseen by [Harkin] chairman of an appropriations subcommittee. ... Another earmark highlighted by Americans for Prosperity was $1 million for the Museum at Bethel Woods in New York, which according to its Web site seeks in 2008 to interpret the 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Fair. The money was requested by two New York senators, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer.” Then the Jawa Report on July 17th of this year: “Hillary/Schumer want $1 Million For Hippie Museum -- How many Troops will have to go without supplies, armor or food because Hillary and Schumer want to fund a church to hippies? ‘The grassroots free-market group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today released a list of Senate earmarks slated to be included in the Fiscal Year 2008 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill. The 1,016 earmarks total nearly $392 million, and include millions for questionable projects such as $1 million in tax dollars for a museum dedicated to recreating the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival...”

Now, you may be thinking, “So what, Rush?” Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve warned you I can’t tell you how many times: Nothing that happens with the Clintons is a coincidence. So we can spend all afternoon connecting the dots, or we can suspend disbelief, and we don’t have to spend all afternoon connecting the dots. Here you have this guy Rosenman who started Woodstock, who somehow gets in business with Hsu. He gives Hsu $40 million for what turns out to be a fraudulent investment scheme. He’s now trying to get the money back. Hsu ends up doing whatever with the money, but some of it ends up back to Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats at large. Mrs. Clinton said, “I had no idea who Norman Hsu is! Our vetting process totally broke down. I had no clue. We’re shocked and we’re stunned,” and blah, blah, blah, blah. But there is that $1 million earmark for a Woodstock museum. By the way, folks, remember all of the whining and the moaning and the complaining when that bridge in Minneapolis took the dumper? “We don’t spend enough on infrastructure in our country! We are falling apart! We gotta get people out of Iraq!” Yet we have $1 million for a Woodstock museum, ladies and gentlemen?

Best regards,
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China-gate Part II?

[Note, embedded links should work well; but I also expanded the URLs for your convenience in copy and paste editing. You may want to get comfortable. Reading this and the stories pointed to by these links might consume a large block of time. Understanding Teflon-coated, insidious, nefarious, underhanded, yet complexly motivated megalomaniacs isn't as easy as doing integrals without paper, therefore it takes a bit to lay it all out. Alcohol might help; bookmarking and several visits to it might even be better; maybe both.]
No kidding - I’m having deja vu all over again; it’s like 1996, except some of the names have changed between the Normand Hsu story and the China-gate scandal of the 90's. At least that's what it may unfold to become. Really, though, there is not much more than a familiar smell and close similarities, so far; and nothing is sure except for Chinese people, one of their connection with and long visit to Hong Kong (at least), lots of money going around to Dems (most of which, the veritable lion's share, going to a Clinton), and the money's origin that came from Hsu and the Paws (among others) is simply unknown at this time. Simply put, maybe too simply, is that it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, and there is (duck) egg on people's faces.

Some libs (see Huffington Post for the sickest) are already trying to shut this up by saying it’s racist, “Why, just because the guy has a Chinese name as do the other ‘donors’, do we have to assume this is the same thing as before?” Maybe because it smells the same way as before?

He skipped town on a felony charge he pleaded guilty to back in, what, 1992 while, at the same time, he was going bankrupt.

Although he is allegedly naturalized here, Mr. Hsu (sounds like shoe) was born and raised in (or near) Hong Kong, China.

He went to Hong Kong for ten years.

He came back and started donating money like it was burning a hole in his pockets.

He claimed he made his millions in the garment industry but nobody in that industry knows him, including where he claimed to work as president of various companies (although he was seen, by employees of one to have dropped in to pick up mail). People are investigating where his money came from, so far unsuccessfully. It would seem that someone who made millions in a well-known industry would have some footprints (besides carbon) wouldn’t he? That is, if that’s where the money came from.

He got people who have no obvious means to do so, to also start donating money like there was no tomorrow. One family (Chinese, if that matters?) who make somewhere around $47,000 a year and just refinanced their $270,000 San Francisco home and after no history of political contributions, suddenly and over the past three or four years (since Hsu returned from Hong Kong) donated some $230,000 ($250,000 by some accounts) to the DNC and a variety of democrat candidates, primarily and by far, Hillary Clinton. [I saw, in another story that I have not been able to recover, but I did see it, that there is another family (or two) in New York, also Chinese and also with no visible means to do so, that contributed another quarter million or so through Hsu, too. If someone can find that please send me the link. I am accumulating many of these stories to see how they change later.]

I am thinking that Mr. Hsu may be in a lot of trouble; not here necessarily, although he has plenty here; but back in China, where he may have neglected to appraise anyone of his criminal status… Time will tell. I predict Mr. Hsu may die a sudden death, soon, and with few leads back to his killers. Neither the Chinese nor the Clintons take kindly to being embarrassed. Then again, Mr. Hsu may have a sudden urge to commit suicide real soon. (Maybe by a bullet to the back of the head or any number of ways the Clinton’s friends have been discovered to have done that.)

Once he was discovered as a fugitive, Hilly (and others) gave back (or donated to their favorite charities) the money that Hsu gave them directly ($23,000 to Hilly, far lesser sums to Obama and others); but no word on the rest of the million that he ‘bundled’ from the washing machine (I mean the other donors he collected from, of course).

The big story here isn’t Hsu or the Chinese connection (if there is one, of course) but how easy it is to launder money through political contributions. With all the (unconstitutional) laws dealing with campaign finance there are none to prevent this sort of thing (if that’s what’s happening here, of course). It seems that all a foreign entity has to do in order to influence our political system is find a patsy (or two, or three, or more) to spread the money around then collect it in a ‘bundle’ and hand it in. By doing so he (they) would get very well known and have the ears of the politicians he ‘contributed’ to. That’s how it worked in the 90’s and the Chinese got their money’s worth, too. Clinton arraigned for them to get access to restricted guidance systems, nuclear bomb making techniques, unrestricted trade (most favored trade status), and who knows what else. [Prior to 1993 the Chinese couldn’t hit a barn door with their missiles; now they are putting men in space and have ICBMs with MIRV warheads! …and they are selling that information to Iran, N. Korea, and who knows who else!?]

The media is getting forced into reporting this one, at least for now; but how many of you know about the (four) felony charges Hilly is facing in CA for some 2000 fundraiser she had unlawful participation in, didn’t pay for, and didn’t report the expense as a contribution? The guy who ran it got pissed and blew the whistle when Bill reneged on a deal he made. It has been stone-walled for over five years and the NY DA has been sitting on evidence that was needed by the plaintiff all this time. (It is now back where it belongs.) and for some background and the video in question.

“The smartest woman in the world” may have incriminated herself too deeply with this, IF the judge allows the evidence!? It seems that has gone around a few times already, too.

A link (a link to the 1996 story, actually) that I previously missed!
If you really want to dig deeply, really deeply, there’s a seven part series about Hilly and her ‘culture of corruption’ at:
This is a very long, sometimes tedious, read but it is the most comprehensive report on the team Clinton you will find anywhere. Some parts may be disputable but there are far too many parts that are far too easily verifiable for those to matter much at all. Besides facts, figures, and history there is a highly plausible motive and character profile that lays her out for all to see clearly.

I don’t know how she’ll get away with all of this but I feel she will; it may well be that she is destined to be the next President. If you thought Janet Reno was bad (over 200 Americans killed by her – and she was Hilly’s pick) just wait and see what happens during her administration. At least Bill had a republican Congress to hold him in check (somewhat); Hilly will have dictatorial powers, at least for her first two years. Unlike Bill, who was new to the job during his first two years of a democrat Congress, she now has all the experience they need (and then some). We may well have an entirely new country under her iron fist. God help us, we all have to do everything we can, pull out all the stops, make any sacrifice, do whatever we can to stop that from happening. I truly fear it will not be enough. I actually know people who are ready to vote for her for the single and simple reason that she’s a woman, period. Add people like that to the lunatic fringe, people with BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) who don’t understand that he’s not running, and the idiot faction and she may well have it sewn-up.

A new, dark era is around the corner. All that the current batch of republicans in congress can do is throw their own under a bus; one for being a sinner, another for a comment to a 100 years-old cracker who used to be a segregationist (as a democrat, before switching parties), a speaker for selling a textbook (who was a collage professor), and others for similar, minor actions (mainly for not being perfect human beings). Meanwhile Kennedy (killed a woman), Jefferson (took $100,000 bribe), Bill Byrd (KKK member), Barney Frank (had a gay brothel running out of his apartment), too many to name all, Murtha (ABSCAM), etc. (who was it with Kennedy that was talking about a ‘waitress sandwich’?) are all still there running the country and laughing their sick, twisted asses off at how the republicans actually demand integrity.

Washington has become a cesspool and may get much worse before/if it gets any better. How can it be stopped?

[Another blogger here, The_City_Troll (as he bills himself) makes a valiant attempt at untangling this story with the Clinton-gate story of the 1996. Find his blog at: if the name/link above is broken.

He/it is well worth the read and I highly recommend him/it to everyone who wants to understand how it all fitted together then and why the dots are coming to the fore now. (FWIW, some of his other blogs are quite good, too. I’ve bookmarked his site.)

This excerpt from his blog might impress how important this all is:
“…Needless to say, China does not share Clinton’s enthusiasm for globalism or multi-polarity. The Chinese look out for No. 1. “War [with the United States] is inevitable; we cannot avoid it,” said Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian in 2000. “The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war.”
Bill Clinton has given them a good start. by Richard Poe