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Sly as a Fox

October 28, 2006

I wrote the following article yesterday and was intending to finish it today and possibly blog it. I was at the Rush Limbaugh website (Rush 24/7 is a paid subscription webpage) and saw the dialogue from him to Katie Couric and decided to include it after my comments (and signature) for the clarity that it offers. I saw that there was a link in the story that was subject to become inactive; so, I went to that page and copied it in its entirety. I have made no alterations except color, font, and point size here.

I also elected to leave what I wrote yesterday, before reading Rush’s comments, as they were so that you can see how far off that I was from what actually said. (I don’t think it was off at all; but you decide.)

All material below my signature file is copyrighted and the property of the owners; my reproduction there is not intended to violate any copyright laws and is used to clearly express the opinions of the authors’ therein; as well as to validate what I wrote following this (and above my signature file, inclusive.

From Ichabod Crane on 10/27/06:

Look, I don’t know if any of you have been listening to all the hoop-la about the controversy between Rush Limbaugh and Michael J. Fox but if you are then there is something you should know about it all.

First off, Rush never accused Fox of faking his illness; what he said was simply that he either was acting or had gone off of his meds for the commercial. It turns out, at least according to a source close to Mr. Fox, that he does go off his meds occasionally to make a point. If that’s the case, then Rush simple told the truth.

Insofar as ‘picking on’ a sick man, please, anyone who makes a political commercial is fair-game; maybe it’s more shameful to exaggerate one’s illness to make false accusations. What do you think about people, like Fox, who do that? What does that do for others who are sick once the public becomes aware that they’ve been lied to? Should sick people exaggerate their illness, either by acting or by going off their medication, at all? What would you think of a cripple to whom you had given money to if you saw him get up and walk at the end of the day?

The commercial that I saw (and the one that Rush commented on) did have a lie and several misdirections embedded in it besides Fox’s exaggerated condition, too. Should they be ignored because the messenger who stated them is sick? The guy Fox was endorsing seems to have voted against the very thing that Michael was promoting; that was the lie. That embryonic stem cells have only failed in every promising experiment done with them; whereas the two other kinds of stem cells (adult and umbilical cord blood) have proven an invaluable source of dozens, maybe hundreds of medical breakthroughs, ‘hot leads’, and outright cures, is part of the misdirection. Another misdirection is saying that ‘stem cell research’ is illegal, is so far over the top and is so fraught with deception that it is beneath contempt for someone, anyone, to declare it.

No stem cell research is illegal, none! There is a restriction on the use of Federal money for one of the three types of stem cell research going on; but even that is deceptive. President Bush is the first President to approve of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research! He is the only one to have done that! That is a fact! The only caveat he put on that was that it can only be done, with federal funding, on a finite number of existing lines of stem cells. That is all. The only restriction on any type of stem cell funding is for use with new lines of embryonic stem cells. That’s it! You’d think he was stealing your grandmother’s teeth!

I figured it out though, I think so anyway; anything that doesn’t promote abortion is simply not suitable for the loud-mouth liberals that seem to control the press. That’s right, if it doesn’t further the cause of abortion they don’t even want to hear it at all. I came to that conclusion (although I had been toying with the idea) when I was discussing it with a friend. I asked her where she thought ‘production quantities’ of embryonic stem cells would come from if there was ever a need for them. She hesitated but then implied that aborted fetuses would supply, at least some of, those needs. That was only after I suggested that a bounty or some sort of payment could be arraigned for young women to get pregnant just to have their fetuses harvested for that purpose. That’s when it hit me, clear as day.

The reason that LML (Loud-Mouthed-Liberals) do not want to even acknowledge the existence of other types of stem cells, why they don’t want to acknowledge that President Bush has furthered their cause, that they don’t want to acknowledge that other types of stem cells are succeeding in making breakthroughs, that embryonic stem cells have heretofore always ended with teratomas and other disastrous conclusions, that they don’t want to acknowledge that embryonic stem cells are a distinct type of stem cell, is that they need to have a buffer argument if and when “Roe v Wade” ever comes up to be overturned. They don’t care about cures or medical breakthroughs at all; all they care about is the continuation of abortion!

I don’t know where Michael J. Fox stands on that issue but I suspect that he is being used by the LML to further their cause and to further it at any price.

Clearly abortion is a controversial issue; but do even those in favor of it want to be bamboozled to accomplish their aims? Should people be lied to on one issue to further another? Hell people, if the American people want abortion to remain an ‘on demand’ item on the medical menu, why does it have to be lied about? Why can’t the issue go before the voters of the country and let them decide what is right for the country, once and for all time? Why do the LML need liberal judges to make laws when the Constitution clearly says that is our job (via our elected, not appointed, representatives) to make them?

Whenever you hear a loud argument about illegal stem cell issues, don’t hear ‘stem cells’ - hear abortion and you’ll be closer to what is being shouted about. There is no debate, no argument, no vote, just rabid screaming and subterfuge over stem cells/abortion. That’s what it’s about; that’s what it’s always been about! Stem cell research in all but the very narrowest definition is going on and is federally funded, all the time.

Just one more thing to make my case: if this research was so promising then why isn’t there private money coming in hand-over-fist? None of it is illegal at all, none of it, and the profits for a breakthrough or cure would be enormous! Where is that money? Why aren’t private parties funding it? The answer to that question is simple: There is no future in embryonic stem cells, period.


Best regards,
Ichabod Crane

There is a virtuous fear which is the effect of faith, and a vicious fear which is the product of doubt and distrust. The former leads to hope as relying on God, in whom we believe; the latter inclines to despair, as not relying on God, in whom we do not believe.Persons of the one character fear to lose God; those of the other character fear to find Him.--Pascal

Veritas vos LiberabitGod Bless America


End of Ichabod Crane’s original work.

Begin Rush Limbaugh’s transcript:.

Rush’s E-mail to Katie Couric

October 26, 2006

Thanks, Katie, I’ll try to make it simple:

I believe Democrats have a long history of using victims of various things as POLITICAL spokespeople because they believe they are untouchable, infallible. They are immune from criticism. But when anyone enters the POLITICAL arena of ideas they forfeit the right to be challenged on their participation and message.

I have not met Mr. Fox, do not know him. I have admired his work in film and TV and his appearances on Letterman were howlers. I have nothing personal against him. But I believe his implication that only Democrats want to cure disease(s) is irresponsible (as I believed about John Edwards assuring voters Christopher Reeve would walk if only John Kerry were elected). I think this is ultimately cruel and gives people who suffer these terrible afflictions false hope.

As of now there is NO EVIDENCE that embryonic stem cells even hold promise, while other approaches, such as adult stem cells, already have yielded results. Michael’s TV spots mislead and misinform on this. (You might ask him about the gene therapy research at a Chicago hospital which has produced encouraging results on Parkinson’s patients. A VIRUS is inserted in the gene, which is then inserted in the brain. The Michael J. Fox Foundations has committed $1.9 million to further research on this...story from earlier this month.) 1

I did NOT mock or make fun of Mr. Fox. I have seen him many times on TV but never have I seen him as he appears in the ads. I read from his own book that he will not take his medications before certain appearances (Senate, 1999) in order to illustrate the ravages of Parkinson’s, which I understand and applaud. So the concept of manipulating meds has been stated by Mr. Fox, which is what caused me to question his appearance in his ads.

He is stumping for Democrats, in the political arena, and is therefore open to analysis and criticism as we all are. His suffering is NOT fair game and I am sorry if people drew that conclusion about my comments, but I believe this happens precisely because NO criticism of victims is ever allowed, at all, which as I say is the Democrat strategy in putting them forward.

*Note: Links to content outside usually become inactive over time

End of Rush’s transcript. All text is unaltered from the original as it appeared on the Rush 24/7 website except for choice of font and point size.

[Because links may become inactive, I have included the data pointed to, unaltered, below:]

1 (From the link in the story above: )

From Monsters and

Health News

Parkinson’s treatment reduces symptoms


Oct 11, 2006, 19:00 GMT

CHICAGO, IL, United States (UPI) -- Researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago have said a new Parkinson’s disease treatment reduced symptoms by 40 percent.

However, researchers said the test only involved 12 patients and may have been affected by the placebo effect, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday.

Further tests of the gene therapy method could solidify the treatment as the first known to slow, halt or possibly reverse damage done by the progressive disease. Treatments are currently available to relieve symptoms of the illness, but do not stop the disease from progressing.

The procedure features two nickel-size holes drilled into the top of a patient’s head by a brain surgeon. A virus containing the desired gene is then inserted into the brain using a needle, and the virus carries the gene to the brain cells. The cells are then instructed by the gene to produce a protein that protects and regenerates cells that make dopamine.

The results were announced at a meeting of the American Neurological Association in Chicago. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has donated $1.9 million for a follow-up study.

Copyright 2006 by United Press International

© Copyright 2003 - 2005 by

This notice cannot be removed without permission.


End of transcript from

For what it’s worth, Ichabod Crane has never been to this site prior to reading this article and has no idea of the owner’s ideology.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Profiling is needed

Is there anyone reading this that is still opposed to profiling insofar as security, especially at airports, is concerned? (Was anybody, ever, opposed to doing that?) If there are holdouts, I’d like to direct your attention to the following list of ‘terrorist’ and/or ‘illegal’ activities perpetrated in the last half century by Middle-Eastern men between the ages of 17 and 40, found after my signature…

Perhaps we should just continue to harass Blacks and Caucasians on the off chance that some one of us has gone over to the side of madness? Maybe more grandmothers should be strip-searched in the event that the AARP has gone over to Islamofascism? Maybe more baby carriages should be taken apart at the gate to insure that toddlers haven’t been converted to the ‘religion of peace’ that is blowing up the world?

I know that I had issued a statement of caution immediately after the events of 9/11, stating the Islam was a peaceful religion and not all Muslims are associated with these murderous terrorists and that remains largely true; however, insofar as who is doing the evil deeds, we need to look more closely to those who fit the description. Not all of them are guilty but all of the guilty fit that description.

The innocent people who fit the description are just going to have to do their part and hold their tongues and tempers while we scrutinize them more carefully than other people. They can also do their part by being more cooperative with law enforcement in reporting their fellow Muslims that are involved. The sooner we put an end to Islamofascism, the sooner we can all get back to a normal life; but no sooner, lest we surer dire consequences.

What sense does it make to scrutinize grandmothers, babies, white and black businessmen, white and black women, when all the terrorism is being done by Middle-Easterners between the ages of 17 and 40? Those women of Middle-East extraction are going to have to be included in the profile as well, simply because women in the Middle-East have been increasingly involved with terrorism as well. What’s good for the goose, as the saying goes, is good for the gander, as well.

Take a look below and see if you can find fault with my reasoning…

Go to The Patriot Post for more… Best regards,
Aimé Watts

-- Ichabod Crane

There is a virtuous fear which is the effect of faith, and a vicious fear which is the product of doubt and distrust. The former leads to hope as relying on God, in whom we believe;
the latter inclines to despair, as not relying on God, in whom we do not believe.
Persons of the one character fear to lose God; those of the other character fear to find Him.
--PascalVeritas vos Liberabit!

God Bless America>>>>

From: The Patriot Post

-----Original Message-----
From: PatriotPost.US [mailto:patriot-AI06518846@m1.PatriotPost.US]
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 4:10 PM
To: Ichabod Crane
Subject: E-mail Subject Line: Anyone for Terrorist Profiling?

To ensure we Americans never offend anyone -- particularly fanatics intent on killing us -- law enforcement and security screeners are not allowed to “profile” people in public places or security checkpoints. However, they will continue to perform random searches of 80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots with proper identification, Secret Service agents who are members of the President’s security detail, 85-year-old congressmen with metal hips and even Medal of Honor recipients. But targeting Middle Eastern male Islamists between the ages 17 and 40 constitutes “ethnic profiling.”

Let’s pause a moment and review....

In 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by: (a) A salesman from Utah (b) An construction worker (c) A college student on Spring Break (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1972, 11 Israeli athletes were killed at the Munich Olympics by: (a) Your grandmother (b) A Midwest auto-parts dealer (c) A mom and her 6-year-old son visiting from Indiana (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1979, the U.S. embassy in Iran was taken over by: (a) A bluegrass band (b) Dallas Cowboy fans (c) A tour group of 80-year-old women (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

During the 1980’s numerous Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by: (a) A family on their way to Disney World (b) Jesse Ventura (c) A Boy Scout Troop (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1983, the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by: (a) A pizza delivery boy (b) The UPS guy (c) Geraldo Rivera making up for a slow news day (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked, and a 70-year-old disabled American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard by: (a) A girls’ choir (b) A hardware store owner (c) A secretary (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a U.S. Navy diver was murdered by: (a) A Marine officer with two weeks leave (b) A plumber going to visit his mom (c) A Catholic nun (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by: (a) A college-bound freshman (b) A cardiac surgeon on his way to Houston (c) A waitress (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed by: (a) A starving actress (b) A mom with a newborn (c) Twin six-year-old boys (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1995, a plot to blow up U.S.-bound international flights over the Pacific was attempted by (a) Hawaiian school kids (b) An decorated Vietnam Veteran (c) Twin sisters on their way to Paducah (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1998, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by: (a) A local TV weatherman (b) A dad and his two sons on a ski trip (c) A widower going to visit his grandchildren (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2000, 17 sailors died in an attack on the USS Cole (DDG 67) in Yemen by: (a) A child in a stroller (b) A high school class on their way to visit Washington, DC (c) Newlyweds on their way to Miami (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked -- two flown into the World Trade Centers, one into the Pentagon and one into the ground in rural Pennsylvania. They were hijacked by: (a) A retired police officer on a mission trip to Haiti (b) A firefighter going to Maryland for training (c) An paramedic on his way to vacation in Hawaii (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2002 the United States liberated Afghanistan from: (a) USAID relief workers (b) Jewish Pilgrims (c) Christian missionaries (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl and other Westerners were kidnapped and beheaded by: (a) The Peace Corp (b) Scottish clansmen (c) Cuban refugees (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2002, more than 330 hostages in Beslan and 130 hostages in Moscow were murdered in sieges by: (a) Russian exchange students (b) The Red Guard (c) Church planters (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2003 the United States liberated Iraq from “The Butcher of Baghdad,” but most American military personnel were killed by: (a) Iraqi school-girls (b) Street vegetable venders (c) Women without burkas (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2004, more than 200 Spanish civilians were murdered on trains by bombs in Madrid, detonated by: (a) Morning commuters (b) A three-year-old Chinese girl (c) Flamenco dancers (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2005 more than 50 UK citizens were killed by bombs on trains in London, detonated by: (a) Rail workers (b) Those unable to hail taxis (c) Wheelchair-bound grandmothers (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2005, there were hundreds of casualties, men, women and children, killed by bombs in Jerusalem, Riyadh and Amman. These innocent civilians were murdered by: (a) Construction workers (b) Farmers (c) Christian missionaries (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2005, the city of Paris, and other European cities experienced an extended period of riots and destruction. The unrest was led by: (a) “Youth” (b) Soccer fans (c) Catholic nuns (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

Since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, more than 2,500 Americans have been murdered by terrorists. 35,000 Iraqi men, women and children have also been murdered by terrorists. Most of the combat and civilians casualties were the result of bombs detonated in civilian population centers by: (a) Fruit vendors in Baghdad (b) Disgruntled transit union workers (c) Iraqi schoolteachers (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2006, hundreds of Israeli civilians have been killed by rockets launched by: (a) the Salvation Army (b) remnants of the ‘Jackson Five’ (c) the cast of ‘Friends’ (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2006, a plot to blow up 10 U.S.-bound planes from the U.K. was attempted by (a) members of the royal family (b) Japanese tourists (c) groupies of the band ‘Cream’ (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

Since 2001, the FBI reports that there are major terrorist cells still in U.S. urban centers. Several of these cells have been uncovered and cell members arrested. In every case, the terrorists cell members were: (a) Southern Baptists Conventioneers (b) Lutheran Youth Groups (c) Presbyterian Elders (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

President George Bush said this week, “America is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations issued an immediate objection to the President’s reference to “Islamic fascists”. Nihad Awad, executive director of CAIR protested, “We have to isolate these individuals because there is nothing in the Koran or the Islamic faith that encourages people to be cruel or to be vicious or to be criminal. Muslims world wide know that for sure.” In light of this objection, we are left to ponder why every Islamic leader in the U.S., and the world, does not publicly condemn every terror action being undertaken in the name of the god of Islam.

Their silence is deafening...

Between 1970 and present, there were more than 60 other notable examples of terrorism perpetrated by Middle Eastern male Islamists between the ages 17 and 40, but we think you get the point. Singling out “Middle Eastern male Islamists between the ages 17 and 40” is not “ethnic profiling,” it’s “terrorist profiling” -- acting on prolific evidence.

Anyone for Terrorist Profiling?

Semper Vigilo, Paratus, et Fidelis! Mark Alexander Publisher, The Patriot
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Meet Dr. Walter E. Williams

My friends, if you have a few moments to reflect of what life it and what it should be, take the time to read an interview of a fine gentleman by the name of Walter E. Williams, at:

He is a modern renaissance man, in spite of being black (that is not surprising to me and I mention it for reference only). He has, if you will forgive the expression, ‘his shit together’ and attributes that to teachers who didn’t care about ‘self-esteem’ the way it is viewed today. They looked at self-esteem as something a person earned, not something that everybody should be given. (That is how it should be, in this man’s opinion.)

He is, among many other things, the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University. I came to know him from his stints as a guest host on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. Don’t let that put you off, if you are not a fan of Rush’s, Dr. Williams’ is a unique personality that has earned, not only his self-esteem but the respect of his peers in academia and the economic world.

I am sure that I cannot do him the justice that he merits, so judge for yourself. The interview is at: and his personal webpage is at: Don’t miss his biography there, at:
I don’t think you will be disappointed in knowing him.

-- Ichabod Crane

Terrorist are 'immigrating'

As if the millions of illegal immigrants weren’t bad enough of a problem to our economy and autonomy, this (below) displays that immigration is a bigger problem than all of that; it is a National Security problem that isn’t being view properly at all, by anyone in authority to do anything about it. If you think that the government could have prevented 9/11 if they could only have ‘connected the dots’ you should see that this is exactly the same problem and with a similarly catastrophic conclusion if these dots, which are huge and well defined, are not connected and dealt with.

If, like me and other clear thinking people, you see the 9/11 problem as something that was inevitable due to the prohibitions on connecting the dots that were imposed by the Clinton Justice department, particularly Jamie S. Gorelick, you will see that this is a dangerous situation of politicizing a politically-correct (politically insane) issue that will ultimately lead to a tremendous loss of life and possibly a loss of our way of life.

The dots are connected, in other words, but the politicians are refusing to call it for what it is – invasion!

Our cities are already under siege from the central American gang called MS-13, that import drugs, prostitution (white slavery - a misnomer, as the women enslaved are from all races), and violence that has been unseen since the days of prohibition. (Drugs are today’s prohibition, with the same problems and with the same call for the same solution, repeal!). Now there are signs: mid-east money, clothing, and newspapers, found at border crossings, that clearly indicate that terrorists are coming through our porous borders as well!

What the hell is it going to take for us all to come together and stop politicizing every god-damned thing the President does to try and secure the country? Sometimes I think it will take a mushroom cloud, reaching into the stratosphere, to get us all on the same page; sometimes I think that even that will be used by envious politicians and demagogues to further tear us apart and lead us to our ultimate annihilation. Some of the pundits on the left are so deranged that I believe they would do that, just to satisfy their twisted egos.

People on the left (and some on the right) need to stop and regroup. They need to take a fresh look at what is happening in the world around them and refrain from the ‘politics of destruction’ that has a grip on them. Politics aside, this is a bigger problem than ‘who won what election’ and ‘who lied about whatever’; we have a real enemy that is winning because of our inability to unite and deal with them. Once the Islamofascists are defeated we can get back to bickering about the trivialities of life.

Gay marriage, killing babies (for whatever reason), minimum wage, evolution, all of these ‘oh so important issues’ are nothing compared to whether we continue to exist at all! Can’t you see that? Once we end the threat of annihilation, we can get back to these trivialities, let’s just get together for now and make a coordinated effort to win the global war on terror. After that, hell, after that you can impeach, hang, draw and quarter, whatever, to anybody you want; let’s just make a future where those, and other things, are even possible.

If we continue to bicker while the enemy plans, we won’t have anything to fight over in ten to twenty years. We will all be under Sharia Law and that will be the end of the dream of our founding fathers anyway. That will be the end of a thousand years of human advances; does it really matter if Bush really won FL once that happens? Get real, get a life, fight for our lives; that’s what’s at stake! John Kerry, Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, et al, will be able to escape to Bora-Bora when the terrorists win; where will you go?

I want to stay here – and fight the bastards, all of them!

-- Ichabod Crane

From: The Patriot Post :

Texas sheriffs: Terrorists crossing U.S.-Mexico border

The Texas Sheriffs’ Border Coalition believes that terrorists are linking up with drug cartels and the Mexican military, learning Spanish and Mexican culture, and then sneaking into the United States. Items found along the banks of the Rio Grande include Iranian currency and military badges in Arabic.

The Sheriffs note that many border crossers are not Mexican, and though fluent in Spanish, they speak with a non-native accent. One particular Arabic patch garnered attention: It read “midnight mission” and displayed an airplane flying over a building heading towards a tower. Department of Homeland Security statistics show that 40,000 non-Mexican illegals were rounded up between October, 2003, and June, 2004.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s office numbers non-Mexican illegal crossers at almost 120,000 from January through July 2005. Perhaps if Congress and the President began treating this as a security issue rather than a political chess game, the problem could be solved.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Goodbye America

Even though this does, indeed, check out at, I still have a problem with these things that circulate forever, yet have no reference dates, and still go on to say things like, “Last week there was an immigration overpopulation conference in Washington, DC, filled to capacity by many of American’s finest minds and leaders.”

Next year, when this goes around again, what will “last week” mean? To me, it means that it has little credibility and usually will get sent to the ‘deleted items’ folder. I only believed Dick enough to go to Snopes myself and see what they did say. (Yes, I believe that Dick would try and pull a fast one by me, just to call me on it later! He keeps me honest in that fashion.)

I went to and found it here: There it said, “Origins: Richard D. Lamm was a Democrat who served as governor of Colorado for twelve years from 1975 to 1987. Of the above-quoted third person account regarding his speech on the perils of multiculturalism, he told us in mid-June 2005: “Yes, it is a speech I gave a year and a half ago in Washington D.C. It was a 5 minute speech, and I am amazed and gratified it has received so much coverage.”

Got that? The actual speech was given around January, 2004! That’s what “Last week” means here. Here you all thought that last week was July of 2006; don’t you feel silly now?

As to Dick’s statement that this is worthy of rereading ‘with the current immigration situation.’: I would also add today’s climate of racial divides; victimhood; sexual tensions on homosexuality, gender war, and marriage; political divisions where treason is scripted as patriotism; and a long list of other ills that are tearing the fabric of our society apart. This is worth rereading every single day, with your morning coffee.

I weep for the future…

Best regards,
Ichabod Crane

There is a virtuous fear which is the effect of faith, and a vicious fear which is the product of doubt and distrust. The former leads to hope as relying on God, in whom we believe; the latter inclines to despair, as not relying on God, in whom we do not believe.Persons of the one character fear to lose God; those of the other character fear to find him.--Pascal

Veritas vos Liberabit!
God Bless America!

From: Dick C
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 9:45 AM
To: All Y’all
Subject: Fwd: Goodbye America]

Ichabod, this does check out on Snopes. See, I do verify things some times.
This or something similar went around before, but it does seem appropriate to read again with the current immigration situation.


Take the time to read this; It ought to scare the pants off you! A Frightening Analysis:

We all know Dick Lamm as the former Governor of Colorado. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant. Last week there was an immigration-overpopulation conference in Washington, DC, filled to capacity by many of American’s finest minds and leaders. A brilliant college professor named Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, “*Mexifornia,” explaining how immigration — both legal and illegal — was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream.

Moments later, former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm stood up and gave a stunning speech on how to destroy America. The audience sat spellbound as he described eight methods for the destruction of the United States.

He said, “If you believe that America is too smug, too self-satisfied, too rich, then let’s destroy America. It is not that hard to do. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that ‘An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.’"

“Here is how they do it,” Lamm said: First to destroy America, “Turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country. History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar Seymour Lipset put it this way: ‘The histories of bilingual and bi-cultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy. Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, and Corsicans.”

Lamm went on: Second, to destroy America, “Invent ‘multiculturalism’ and encourage immigrants to maintain their culture. I would make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal. That there are no cultural differences. I would make it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic dropout rates are due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out of bounds.

Third, “We could make the United States a ‘Hispanic Quebec’ without much effort. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. As Benjamin Schwarz said in the Atlantic Monthly recently: ‘The apparent success of our own multiethnic and multicultural experiment might have been achieved! Not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentrically and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.’"

Lamm said, “I would encourage all immigrants to keep their own language and culture. I would replace the melting pot metaphor with the salad bowl metaphor. It is important to ensure that we have various cultural subgroups living in America reinforcing their differences rather than as Americans, emphasizing their similarities.”

“Fourth, I would make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated. I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 50% dropout rate from high school.”

“My fifth point for destroying America would be to get big foundations and business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the cult of ‘Victimology.’ I would get all minorities to think their lack of success was the fault of the majority. I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority population.”

“My sixth plan for America’s downfall would include dual citizenship and promote divided loyalties. I would celebrate diversity over unity. I would stress differences rather than similarities. Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other - that is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precedent. People undervalue the unity! Unity is what it takes to keep a nation together. Look at the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that they belonged to the same race; they possessed a common language and literature; and they worshiped the same gods. All Greece took part in the Olympic Games.

A common enemy Persia threatened their liberty. Yet all these bonds were not strong enough to over come two factors: local patriotism and geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions. Greece fell.

“E. Pluribus Unum” — From many, one. In that historical reality, if we put the emphasis on the ‘pluribus’ instead of the ‘Unum,’ we can balkanize America as surely as Kosovo.”

“Next to last, I would place all subjects off limits ~ make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of ‘diversity.’ I would find a word similar to ‘heretic’ in the 16th century - that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like ‘racist’ or ‘x! xenophobes’ halt discussion and debate.”

“Having made America a bilingual/bicultural country, having established multiculturism, having the large foundations fund the doctrine of ‘Victimology,’ I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra: That because immigration has been good for America, it must always be good. I would make every individual immigrant symmetric and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them.”

In the last minute of his speech, Governor Lamm wiped his brow. Profound silence followed. Finally he said, “Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis’s book *Mexifornia. His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don’t read that book.”

There was no applause.

A chilling fear quietly rose like an ominous cloud above every attendee at the conference. Every American in that room knew that everything Lamm enumerated was proceeding methodically, quietly, darkly, yet pervasively across the United States today. Every discussion is being suppressed. Over 100 languages are ripping the foundation of our educational system and national cohesiveness. Barbaric cultures that practice female genital mutilation are growing as we celebrate ‘diversity.’ American jobs are vanishing into the Third World as corporations create a Third World in America — take note of California and other states — to date, ten million illegal aliens and growing fast. It is reminiscent of George Orwell’s book “1984.” In that story, three slogans are engraved in the Ministry of Truth building: “War is peace,” “Freedom is slavery,” and “Ignorance is strength.”

Governor Lamm walked back to his seat. It dawned on everyone at the conference that our nation and the future of this great democracy are deeply in trouble and worsening fast. If we don’t get this immigration monster stopped within three years, it will rage like a California wildfire and destroy everything in its path, especially The American Dream.
*Note: Both Governor Lamm and the writer of the e-mail misidentify the author of the book Mexifornia, whose correct name is Victor Davis Hanson. (From

If you care for and love our country as I do, take the time to pass this on just as I did for you. Trust me NOTHING is going to happen if you don’t!

[Nothing is going to happen? Nothing good is going to happen, is what this means. All that evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing! -IC]

Governor Lamm also passed along to us the following "revised version" of his speech (Find it at the end of the page at): (From

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cradles not sinks!

Where I think many people lose the point is in where the debate on abortion should be held. I subscribe to State’s Rights on this issue. Abortion is not a Federally guaranteed freedom at all and I challenge anyone to show me where in the Constitution it is. Read Justice Blackmun’s majority opinion and see how he is reduced to subterfuge and rationalization in his opinion of the issue at: where his very first sentence is, “The Constitution does not explicitly mention any right of privacy.” Then read the clear reasoning of Associate Justices Byron R. White (a democrat!) and William H. Rehnquist (a republican) in their descent at: (the decent is around midpoint; but the entire article is noteworthy.) They say what I’ve been saying, only more eloquently, detailed, and rationally.

Putting this back where it used to be would not end abortion nationwide but just in those states where the people decide it shouldn’t be. This has happened in S. Dakota; but most assuredly, states like NY, CA, and MA (among many others) would doubtlessly endorse it. Women who want an abortion but live in a ‘ no abortion’ state would have to add the price of a bus ticket (etc.) to the price of the procedure.

Like so many things taken over by the Federal government, that has not the authority to do so, it has become the debacle that it has. The states have lost many of their right since the signing of the fourteenth amendment; and it’s time they got them back. We are supposed to be a society of many semiautonomous states overseen by the Federal government, not ruled by it. The federal government role is strictly defined in Article I, section 8 of the US Constitution. That role is to see to it that the states ‘play nice’ with one another, that the states treat their people fairly and uniformly (in the way the Bill of Right define), and to protect us all from foreign aggression. In a nutshell, that’s all the federal government’s role is. Each state is to be left alone to govern the people therein as those people decide.

Some states could be near-socialists, some ultra conservative, most would be somewhere in the middle. If a person doesn’t like his state’s government they are free to move to one that more suits their temperament. (Don’t even get me going on the hardships for some to move; if poverty stricken Mexicans (and others) can do it, so can anyone with strong motivation.) Nothing is ideal but the stronger the central government gets the weaker the states and by extrapolation, the people become until we are all enslaved by the federal government. We see a taste of that now, in that from January first until sometime in May, we are all pretty much enthralled to the government – that’s how long it is taking to pay for all the taxes, federal, state and local (mostly federal) that we pay.

Prior to the sixteenth amendment, the federal government consumed about 3% of the nations GDP; now it is consuming over 20% - that can be equated to how enslaved we are.
In a way I am wondering far from the original topic; but this is all interrelated. The federal government is out of control and we are being victimized by it!

I am not in favor of the federal government banning abortion either, that is not anywhere near what I’ve been saying. There are too many people opposed to that, however, to leave it in the hands of the judiciary. That is why I’d like to see Roe v Wade overturned. All that would do is put it back into the various states to decide for themselves. This issue is tearing the country apart and the people have never had an opportunity to vote on it! What kind of democratic society does that make us? At the very least, make a constitutional amendment that clearly states this ‘right to privacy’ and let the people (or their representatives) vote on it and get it done with, once and for all time!

Don’t even get started on things like personal responsibility, the ‘right to privacy’ overrules any of that nonsense; and for a lot of things.

I’ve got to go clean the ‘foam’ off of my mouth now; I’ll talk to y’all later…

Friday, May 19, 2006

Your government at work! Not!

Gas prices seem high? “Tough!” says your government. Just blame the oil companies for gouging their $0.09 a gallon, is their solution. Does that make you feel better? It better, because that’s all this Congress is going to do for you.

While Cuba is cozying with China to drill for gas and oil 75 miles off of Key West, our wonderful Congress has decided to protect tourism (well, that’s what they said). It doesn’t matter that tourists can’t afford to go there, our coasts are ‘safe’ from the blight of drilling companies (that would otherwise be so far out of sight that you’d need a passport to get to them, never mind see them).

Click over to: to see how we’re being saved from ourselves (and, of course, those ‘gouging’ oil companies who are actually trying to do something positive about the problem of spiraling energy prices). Have I mentioned, lately, that there hasn’t been a new refinery built in over thirty years? Congress won’t allow them either!
We need to get all the incumbents out! We don’t want more democrats, though; that would be more disastrous. What we need to do is exchange the republicans who are ‘in’ with the primaries; and outright replace the democrats with fresh, new republicans who, with the new leadership arising in Congress, will BE conservative! I know, I know, there isn’t much difference in them as it is; but at least the republicans are not promising to further liberalize the government. We just need to get new republicans in with the message that if they don’t follow through, they, too, will be replaced. (God help us, sooner or later they will get the message.

This will be hard to do, of course. The McCain/Feingold campaign finance “reform” (attack on the First Amendment) is making it harder and harder to dig the incumbents out of there! (Well, that’s why it was passed, after all is said and done: to protect the incumbents!)

For some straight talk on what needs to be done, in the long and short run, look at what former Speaker Newt Gingritch is saying, at: He, at least, is talking plainly about what needs to be done, and what can be done, if we can get the Congress and White House filled with people who have some real balls! (Which is why no democrat need apply; and we need some new republicans, or more to the point, conservatives! Joe Lieberman is the one exception I could tolerate.)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'd 'Rather'-not-gate

(Cited as Symbol of Abu Ghraib, Man Admits He Is Not in Photo By KATE ZERNIKE
Ali Shalal Qaissi had claimed to be the man in the photograph that has become the international icon of the abuse scandal.)
- from the NYT
--- ---
No matter how hard they wish this shit were true, just saying it, over and over, just doesn’t make it so. Didn’t they learn anything from Dan Rather (not)? Of course not, that isn’t their point, is it? Like Joseph Göbbels (Goebbels) always said, “If you tell a lie often enough, no matter how outrageous, people will accept it as fact.” Or, as Wikipedia states it, “His (Joseph Göbbels) primary rules were:
1. never allow the public to cool off;
2. never admit a fault or wrong;
3. never concede that there may be some good in your enemy;
4. never leave room for alternatives;
5. never accept blame;
6. concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong;
7. people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one;
8. and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it. - OSS report page 51 [2]”
- from:

Sounds like reading the NYT or, actually, any MSM outlet these days, doesn’t it?

Read more about these insidious tactics at: - after all, the liberal left does; and it is very important to know how the enemies of America are operating.

More information on one of the ‘big lies’ on WMDs, as another example of that strategy, can be found here: – Be sure to read the end to get the point, that this IS their strategy!

Item 4, above, is clearly demonstrated in a lack of alternative plans by the liberal left. They know that the current administration’s plans to win the GWT is valid; but it is their plan! That the resolution to go to war with Iraq was nearly unanimous is clear proof that they knew the reality of the situation; but the reality that they saw was an opportunity to recreate the Vietnam debacle all over again. They have no interest in the security of the nation; they are only interested in opportunities to regain power at any cost. Money, reputations and even the lives of our troops and allies are only tools in their insane quest for power.

Take this latest ‘big lie’ about domestic spying: of course it is essential to know what the enemy is doing during wartime (or at any high-risk time), they know that; but by twisting it and making people believe that the government is spying on them, they continue playing on item 1 of Göbbels’ strategy. The Dubai Ports’ deal was another way to keep the heat on; only now, with a mid-term election coming up, they’re getting help from the right as well.

Keep in mind that there are bad people on both sides of the political isle, it is insanely optimistic to assume that people seek high office for purely altruistic reasons; but the liberal left has an embedded hatred of our republic. They desire, at any cost, to impose a centrally controlled regime of socialism. That socialism, as a political philosophy, has proven to be a failed economic structure throughout the world (The USSR, China, etc.) doesn’t deter them in the least; it’s the centralization of power that they crave. There is no desire to make people’s lives better with their power-lust, they only crave to control every aspect of those lives. That was the same impetus that made the USSR so hard to displace; and for China to be so slow in changing from their equally failed system: the people in charge are so completely addicted to their absolute power, they’d rather see the people in their counties reduced to abject poverty than give up their power over them.

In assessing our (what used to be our) system of free enterprise, one thing is clear: under it, people are encouraged to reach for whatever level of fulfillment they can attain. Under socialism, people are reduced to the lowest common denominator to achieve ‘equality’. In the Declaration of Independence, it is stated that all men are created equal. What that means is that we all have equal rights to grow and be all we can be. It doesn’t mean that everybody is entitled to whatever anybody else has; insofar as material good are concerned.

Inalienable Rights are rights that we have that doesn’t infringe upon other’s rights. My freedom of speech doesn’t cost anybody anything; they can listen or not and they can even exercise theirs to rebut what I say. That isn’t the case where things such as healthcare are concerned though, is it? In order to provide a ‘right’ to healthcare (or housing, or education, etc.) money has to be taken (stolen) from people in order to provide for others. Whereas that may be a desirable goal, it is not to be confused for a RIGHT – it is a redistribution of wealth.

It is also something that the congress is not empowered to do, insofar as the Constitution defines their enumerated powers (Article I, section 8). If, or when, congress imposes this model of healthcare on the people, it will do so by usurping the power of the States and/or of the people. [Note, if this is something you really think the Federal Government should be involved in, ask your congressmen to initiate a Constitutional Amendment to give them the authority to do it. Personally, I don’t like the idea of a federal government with more authority that is granted them now, in the Constitution.]

Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” – But then, Abe Lincoln never met Joseph Göbbels.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I weep for the future. (with a collumn by Michelle Malkin)

Take a moment to read Michelle Malkin’s column, below.

(FWIW, Michelle Malkin on Wikipedia:

These things used to make me angry; now they just make me very, very sad. We, as a society, are indeed reaping what we’ve sown. Diversity leads to isolation and segregation and hatred; tolerance is a cover-up for festering hatred, hidden by a smile and a handshake.

Anyone who opposes diversity and tolerance is labeled a bigot with circular solipsistic logic. (Like anyone who denies being an alcoholic is considered to be one, in denial.)

Real integration is loving your fellow man; and allowing growth based on merit, irregardless of race, religion, origin, or creed; a person’s behavior, qualifications, and demeanor should be the only things they are judged on. Actions speak louder that words; words speak louder than feelings. People isolated into groups, for good or ill, inspires contempt for all others.

Take Michelle Malkin as an example. She simply claims to be an American, born and bred; but her detractors on the left seem to think that her Asian heritage is more important than where she was born. Isn’t it the left who are constantly hopping on racial profiling? How about Tiger Woods, who has ¼ African American heritage; but is always referred to as a black golfer? The Oscars, a few years ago, was touted as a tribute to black actors and Halle Berry won Best Actress that year; but her mother is Caucasian. What I see here is that, although the left lays claim to being ‘color blind’; they adhere to the old adage of ‘even a single drop of black blood makes you black’. What a shameful way to think.

The hypocrisy within the philosophy of ‘diversion and tolerance’ is staggering. If a person of non-Caucasian heritage has a conservative leaning, they are vilified and ridiculed; they don’t fit into the liberal mould. On the other hand, if a non-white is a liberal, then any outrageous behavior or speech is perfectly acceptable; at least they know their place, right?

It’s the same for woman, too. No matter how egregious her behavior or speech, if she is a liberal, it is OK; let her speak out against feminism or abortion, however, and she becomes a target of all the hatred the left can muster. Tolerance and diversity is only for them that think alike, no others need apply.

Non-white, conservative women have the toughest row to hoe. How much contempt is too much from the liberals for Condolesa Rice? There is never enough, that’s how much.

I like people, or not, by what they do, first, and by what they say, second; what they look like has little place in human relationships outside of hunting for a mate; but what do I know? I like Michelle Malkin (and Condi Rice, and Ann Coulter, even when she goes a tad overboard. At least she isn’t hypocritical about what she says.)

Really, this all makes me very sad.

I weep for the future.

Best regards,Ichabod Crane
There is a virtuous fear which is the effect of faith, and a vicious fear which is the product of doubt and distrust. The former leads to hope as relying on God, in whom we believe; the latter inclines to despair, as not relying on God, in whom we do not believe.Persons of the one character fear to lose God; those of the other character fear to find him.--Pascal
Veritas vos Liberabit!
God Bless America!

redstatesusa: I Pledge Allegience To My Black People

By: Michelle Malkin

One of the nation’s fastest-rising poetry prodigies is a 7-year-old New York girl whose poisonous demagogic advocacy of black separatism makes Al Sharpton look like Mister Rogers.

Autum Ashante’ of Mount Vernon, N.Y., has performed at HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, The Cotton Club in L.A., The Apollo Theater in Harlem, the African Street Festival, Caroline’s on Broadway, the Russell Simmons Phat Farm Fashion Show, Steve Harvey’s “Big Time,” a prestigious Grammy Foundation event, and at universities and other venues across the country. She recites her verses not only in English, but also in fluent Swahili and Arabic (she attended the Islamic Darul Arkam School in Mount Vernon).

Autum has appeared at a tribute to black nationalist Marcus Garvey, America-bashing 9/11 conspiracy-monger Amiri Baraka’s annual family cookout and the extremist New Black Panther Party’s Million Youth March. The city of New York honored her with a proclamation for inspiring “her peers, as well as adults, while also demonstrating the power of a father’s love, the importance of education and the limitless boundaries of the human mind.” New York City councilwoman Yvette Clark called her “one of the most precious young talents that this world has ever known.”

Most recently, as New York Post education reporter David Andreatta reported this weekend, she was invited to perform at public middle and high schools in Peekskill, N.Y., for Black History Month.

Here, in full, is what precious little Autum -- groomed by her single father, Batin Ashante, a Nation of Islam poet/activist -- spewed:

White Nationalism Put U In Bondage

White nationalism is what put you in bondage
Pirate and vampires like Columbus, Morgan, and Darwin
Drank the blood of the sheep, trampled all over them with
Steel, tricks and deceit.
Nothing has changed take a look in our streets
The mis-education of she and Hegro -- leaves you on your knee2grow
Black lands taken from your hands, by vampires with no remorse
They took the gold, the wisdom and all of the storytellers
They took the black women, with the black man weak
Made to watch as they changed the paradigm
Of our village
They killed the blind, they killed the lazy, they went
So far as to kill the unborn baby
Yeah White nationalism is what put you in bondage
Pirates and vampires like Columbus, Morgan, and Darwin
They drank the blood of the sheep, trampled all over them with
Steel laden feet, throw in the tricks alcohol and deceit.
Nothing has changed take a look at our streets.

Autum’s performance also included commanding white students to remain seated as she led black students in a recitation of the “Black Child’s Pledge,” by Black Panther Shirley Williams, which reads in part:

I pledge allegiance to my Black People.
I pledge to develop my mind and body to the greatest extent possible.
I will learn all that I can in order to give my best to my People in their struggle for liberation.
. . . I will discipline myself to direct my energies thoughtfully and constructively rather than wasting them in idle hatred.
I will train myself never to hurt or allow others to harm my Black brothers and sisters . . .
These principles I pledge to practice daily and to teach them to others in order to unite my People.

Complaints from shocked students and parents led to a tape-recorded apology sent to all parents apologizing for the performance. Autum’s father condemned white district officials as “racist crackers.” Autum defended her poem by explaining to the Westchester Journal News that white people are “devils and they should be gone. We should be away from them and still be in Africa.”

And make note of this: The official who invited Autum to speak, Melvin Bolden, is a public school music teacher, Peekskill councilman and producer of her first spoken word album.

Who is surprised? If you set aside a separate holiday for Black History Month in the public schools, if you set aside separate graduation ceremonies, college dorms, academic departments, recruiting programs, and government contracts and subcontracts by race, you send a message that hard-core racial separatism is not only acceptable -- but desired.

Autum Ashante’ is the natural offspring of militant multiculturalism and government-sanctioned identity politics. We reap what we sow.

Posted by redguy on March 15, 2006 07:27 AM to redstatesusa

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis and Al-Qaeda . By John Loftus

Some Stories are painful to read; the truth can hurt; but the truth needs to be told in order that mistakes of the past are not repeated. It is written, “As you sow, so shall ye reap; and now we are reaping the whirlwind.

The mistakes talked about in this story were made for over half a century and only now begun to be righted. These mistakes cross political boundaries and should not be politicized now. They should be corrected and policies set to never allow them to happen again.

I looked at the links and I did a Google search for “Banna Nazi” and saw that this is indeed an old story and has cost the lives of countless people. Some of them were made under the philosophy that the enemy of my enemy is my friend - sometimes they are simply enemies waiting their turn. We should be more discrete in whom we choose to ally ourselves with, lest the beast come at us when the ‘common enemy’ is defeated. Beside the example in this story we can also look at our pack with the devil called Saddam Hussein, when he was warring with our enemy, Iran.

I was looking at several articles, always on the lookout for understanding of how these terrorists that are warring on us now have broken with the normally peaceful tenants of Islam when I came across this story. It would seem to explain a lot.

Mr. Loftus is a former US prosecutor, and his name is a live link in the article, as is Sleeping with the Devil which is an interview with an ex-CIA agent (Robert Baer) about a need for major house-cleaning within the CIA. I believe this is happening but as with any bloated bureaucracy, it is a long, uphill battle.

The other two live links are: 555 Grove St., Herndon, Virginia and charities that reveal a network of charities that were in this country for decades before finally being shut down, largely (it would seem) on the pressure created by Mr. Loftus.

All of these links refer to other pages in but a Google search on the topics will quickly bring you to corroborating accounts.

Rants will be useless; what we need is stronger accountability in Washington and especially from the bloated bureaucracies that have been created over the years. Accountability, however, starts with Congress and they are only accountable to us, the people. That is the first place that needs a major house-cleaning (and Senate cleaning, if you want to acknowledge the pun.) The best way to do that is to vote out all of the incumbents in every election for the next twenty years. The rot is too deep and the arrogance too strong to leave any of them there any longer. Just read the stories, below and at the links, to see what a mess that they’ve made and why they need to be replaced – every single man and woman in Congress, especially those in the Senate!

Some of these guys have made a life’s work at these making debacles and have built political machines in their home states to insure that they will stay there forever; but all we have to do is say “ENOUGH” and simply vote for whoever runs against them. After all, how much worse can a stranger be, look at the mess the incumbents have made.

I don’t want to rant any further on this, I’m just asking to make these guys accountable for what they’ve done instead of continuously rewarding them for the messes they’ve made. The following story (or stories, if you prefer) exemplify the mess. There are more, many more, and they need to be stopped. In the name of world peace and working with our fellow man, they need to be stopped! As the story below states:


-- Ichabod Crane

The Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis and Al-Qaeda - By John Loftus

Jewish Community News

October 4, 2004

It always seems a little strange to have an Irish-Catholic talking about Yom Ha Shoah.

I had an unusual education in the Holocaust. When I was working for the Attorney General, I was assigned to do the classified research about the Holocaust, so I went underground to a little town called Suitland, Maryland, right outside Washington, D.C., and that's where the U.S. government buries its secrets -- literally.

There are twenty vaults underground and each vault is one acre in size. Anyone see the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? The last scene of that movie is what the underground vaults are really like, only not as organized as they are in the movie. And in those underground vaults I discovered something horrible.

I learned that many of the Nazis that I had been assigned to prosecute were on the CIA payroll, but the CIA didn't know they were Nazis because the British Intelligence Service had lied to them. What the British Intelligence Service didn't know was that their liar was Kim Philby, the Soviet communist double agent -- a little scandal of the Cold War. But our State Department swept it all under the rug and allowed the Nazis to stay in America until I was stupid enough to go public with it.

What do you do when you want to go public with a story like this one? You call up “60 Minutes.” We had a great time. Mike Wallace gave me 30 minutes on his show. For a long time, it was the longest segment that "60 Minutes" ever did. When the episode about Nazis in America went on the air back in 1982, it caused a minor national uproar. Congress demanded hearings, Mike Wallace got the Emmy award, and my family got the death threats. It was a great trip.

Then a funny thing happened. Over the last 25 years, every retired spy in the U.S. and Canada and England all wanted me to be their lawyer, for free of course. So I had 500 clients, they paid me $1 apiece. So I am the worst paid lawyer in America, but among the better employed.

Let me give you an example. This year a friend of mine from the CIA, named Bob Baer wrote a very good book about Saudi Arabia and terrorism, it's called Sleeping with the Devil. I read the book and I got about a third of the way through and I stopped. Bob was writing how when he worked for the CIA how bad the files were.

He said, for example, the files for the Muslim Brotherhood were almost nothing. There were just a few newspaper clippings. I called Bob up and said, “Bob, that's wrong. The CIA has enormous files on the Muslim Brotherhood, volumes of them. I know because I read them a quarter of a century ago.” He said, “What do you mean?”

Here's how you can find all of the missing secrets about the Muslim Brotherhood -- and you can do this, too. I said, “Bob, go to your computer and type in two words into the search part. Type the word “Banna,” B-a-n-n-a. He said, “Yeah.” Type in “Nazi.” Bob typed the two words in, and out came 30 to 40 articles from around the world. He read them and called me back and said, “Oh my gosh, what have we done?”

What I'm doing today is doing what I'm doing now: I'm educating a new generation in the CIA that the Muslim Brotherhood was a fascist organization that was hired by Western intelligence that evolved over time into what we today know as al-Qaeda.

Here's how the story began. In the 1920's there was a young Egyptian named al Bana. And al Bana formed this nationalist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Bana was a devout admirer of Adolph Hitler and wrote to him frequently. So persistent was he in his admiration of the new Nazi Party that in the 1930's, al-Bana and the Muslim Brotherhood became a secret arm of Nazi intelligence.

The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi doctrines. They hated Jews; they hated democracy; and they hated the Western culture. It became the official policy of the Third Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as the fifth Parliament, an army inside Egypt.

When war broke out, the Muslim Brotherhood promised in writing that they would rise up and help General Rommell and make sure that no English or American soldier was left alive in Cairo or Alexandria.

The Muslim Brotherhood began to expand in scope and influence during World War II. They even had a Palestinian section headed by the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one of the great bigots of all time. Here, too, was a man -- The grand Mufti of Jerusalem was the Muslim Brotherhood representative for Palestine. These were undoubtedly Arab Nazis. The Grand Mufti, for example, went to Germany during the war and helped recruit an international SS division of Arab Nazis. They based it in Croatia and called it the “Handjar” Muslim Division, but it was to become the core of Hitler's new army of Arab fascists that would conquer the Arab peninsula from then on to Africa -- grand dreams.

At the end of World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood was wanted for war crimes. Their German intelligence handlers were captured in Cairo. The whole net was rolled up by the British Secret Service. Then a horrible thing happened.

Instead of prosecuting the Nazis -- the Muslim Brotherhood -- the British government hired them. They brought all the fugitive Nazi war criminals of Arab and Muslim descent into Egypt, and for three years they were trained on a special mission. The British Secret Service wanted to use the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood to strike down the infant state of Israel in 1948. Only a few people in the Mossad know this, but many of the members of the Arab Armies and terrorist groups that tried to strangle the infant State of Israel were the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Britain was not alone. The French intelligence service cooperated by releasing the Grand Mufti and smuggling him to Egypt, so all of the Arab Nazis came together. So, from 1945 to 1948, the British Secret Service protected every Arab Nazi they could, but they failed to quash the State of Israel.

What the British did then, they sold the Arab Nazis to the predecessor of what became the CIA. It may sound stupid; it may sound evil, but it did happen. The idea was that we were going to use the Arab Nazis in the Middle East as a counterweight to the Arab communists. Just as the Soviet Union was funding Arab communists, we would fund the Arab Nazis to fight against. And lots of secret classes took place. We kept the Muslim Brotherhood on our payroll.

But the Egyptians became nervous. Nasser ordered all of the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt or be imprisoned, and we would execute them all. During the 1950's, the CIA evacuated the Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia. Now when they arrived in Saudi Arabia, some of the leading lights of the Muslim Brotherhood like Azzam, became the teachers in the Madrasas, the religious schools. And there they combined the doctrines of Nazism with this weird Islamic cult, Wahhabiism.

Everyone thinks that Islam is this fanatical religion, but it is not. They think that Islam -- the Saudi version of Islam -- is typical, but it's not. The Wahhabi cult was condemned as a heresy more than 60 times by the Muslim nations. But when the Saudis got wealthy, they bought a lot of silence. This is a very harsh cult. The Wahhabiism was only practiced by two nations, the Taliban and Saudi Arabia. That's how extreme it is. It really has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a very peaceful and tolerant religion. It has always had good relationships with the Jews for the first thousand years of its existence.

For the Saudis, there was a ruler in charge of Saudi Arabia, and they were the new home of the Muslim Brotherhood, and fascism and extremism were mingled in these schools. And there was a young student who paid attention - - and Azzam's student was named Osama Bin Ladin. Osama Bin Ladin was taught by the Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood who had emigrated to Saudi Arabia.

In 1979 the CIA decided to take the Arab Nazis out of cold storage. The Russians had invaded Afghanistan, so we told the Saudis that we would fund them if they would bring all of the Arab Nazis together and ship them off to Afghanistan to fight the Russians. We had to rename them. We couldn't call them the Muslim Brotherhood because that was too sensitive a name. Its Nazi cast was too known. So we called them the Maktab al Khidimat il Mujahideen, the MAK.

And the CIA lied to Congress and said they didn't know who was on the payroll in Afghanistan, except the Saudis. But it was not true. A small section CIA knew perfectly well that we had once again hired the Arab Nazis and that we were using them to fight our secret wars.

Azzam and his assistant, Osama Bin Ladin, rose to some prominence from 1979 to '89, and they won the war. They drove the Russians out of Afghanistan. Our CIA said, “We won, let's go home!” and we left this army of Arab fascists in the field of Afghanistan.

Saudis didn't want to come back. Saudis started paying bribes to Osama Bin Ladin and his followers to stay out of Saudi Arabia. Now the MAK split in half. Azzam was mysteriously assassinated apparently by Osama Bin Ladin himself. The radical group -- the most radical of the merge of the Arab fascists and religious extremists -- Osama called that al Qaeda. But to this day there are branches of the Muslim Brotherhood all through al Qaeda.

Osama Bin Ladin's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, came from the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the results of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

There are many flavors and branches, but they are all Muslim Brotherhoods. There is one in Israel. The organization you know as “Hammas” is actually a secret chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. When Israel assassinated Sheik Yassin a month ago, the Muslim Brotherhood published his obituary in a Cairo newspaper in Arabic and revealed that he was actually the secret leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.

So the Muslim Brotherhood became this poison that spread throughout the Middle East and on 9/11, it began to spread around the world.

I know this sounds like some sort of a sick fantasy, but go to your computer and type in the words “Banna,” B-a-n-n-a and the word “Nazi,” N-a-z-i, and you will see all of the articles come up. Those are all the pieces of information that the CIA was trying to hide from its employees. It did not want them to know the awful past. So, in 1984, when I was exposing European Nazis on the CIA payroll, at the same time they were trying to hide from Congress the fact that they had Arab Nazis back on the payroll to fight the Russians -- a stupid and corrupt program.

So, when Bob Baer studied his files, he was just stunned. A whole generation: the current CIA people know nothing about this. And believe me, the current generation CIA are good and decent Americans and I like them a lot. They're trying to do a good job, but part of their problem is their files have been shredded. All of these secrets have to come out.

So, of course, my clients in the intelligence community said, “Well, what are you doing?” They gave me an example. They said, “Here's how the Saudis finance these groups. The Saudis have established a group of charities on a street in Virginia. It's 555 Grove St., Herndon, Virginia.” So I said, “OK the Saudis are terrorists, so what?” These charities fund Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda. The Saudis are getting tax deductions for terrorism. They have set up front groups so all the terrorists groups in the U.S. and the front groups get the Saudi money as a charitable donation.

I said, “You're kidding me.” Nope. And they told me that right near where I lived in Tampa, Florida was one of the leading terrorists in the world. There were these two professors at the University of South Florida. One had just left -- and he was now in Syria -- and he was the world head of Islamic Jihad. His number two, the head of Islamic Jihad in the Western Hemisphere, was Dr. Sami al-Arian, who is still employed as a professor at the University of South Florida. You've got to be kidding. This can't be true.

Yes, these guys are raising money all across America and shipping it to Syria to go down to Palestine, the Palestinian areas, and hire suicide bombers to kill Jews. They sent me the videotapes. There was Professor al-Arian on stage and one of his friends gets up and says, “Now, who will give me $500 to kill a Jew? There are people standing by in Jerusalem who will go out in the street and stab a Jew with a knife, but we need $500.” And he said, “All of this money will go to the Islamic committee for Palestine.” And that is the front group in the United States for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

So I had all my friends in the FBI and CIA send in these files. I said, “Why haven't you prosecuted this guy? You've known about him since 1989.” “We'd love to. We've tried to prosecute him but we were told we couldn't touch him because he gets all of his money from the Saudis, and we are all under orders not to do anything to embarrass the Saudi government.”

I said, “I don't mind embarrassing them.” You know what I did? I donated money to the charity that was the terrorist fund, because under Florida law, that gave me the right to sue the charity to find out where my money was going. It was hilarious.

In early March, 2002, I drafted a long lawsuit exposing Professor Sami al-Arian, naming all the crimes he'd committed, all the bombings in Israel, the fundraising in America with terrorism. I mentioned how his money got to him from the Saudis and how the Saudis had convinced our government not to prosecute him for political reasons. Because of my high-level security clearances, everything I write is sort of classified material and has to be sent back to the government before publication, for censorship. So I sent my long lawsuit complaint to the CIA, and they loved it. They said, “Oh, great. We don't like the Saudis either. Go sue them.”

Three days later two FBI Agents showed up at my door, saying, “You know, there are only 21 people in the U.S. government that knew some of this information, and now you're 22. How did you find out?” I said, “I'm sorry, I can't tell you, attorney-client privilege.” That's why my clients pay me $1.00 each.

The day before I went to file the lawsuit, I got a frantic phone call from the United States Department of Justice. They said, “John, please don't file the lawsuit tomorrow. We really are going to raid these Saudi charities. We're going to close them down. Just give us more time.” “Oh yeah, you're going to raid them. That's what you told me in January - - and again in February, and now it's March. You want more time? I'll give you until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow. I'm filing my complaint at 10:00 a.m., so that at 4:00 p.m., I'm going to release the address of the Saudi charities. Back tomorrow. I filed my lawsuit at 10:00 o'clock, and told the press I was going to hold something back for a little bit.

At 10:15, the U.S. government launched Operation Greenquest, a massive raid on all the Saudi charities in homes and businesses, and in one hour we shut down the entire Saudi money-laundering network in America.

From March 20, 2002 to the present, the government has found more and more evidence seized in those archives on that single raid that day. The evidence was so compelling that Professor al-Arian is no longer giving his speeches. He is now in federal prison awaiting trial. His accomplice, Hammoudeh, has also been indicted. Some 32 different people have been indicted in the United States as a direct result of these efforts.

But not the Saudis -- not the Saudis.

A month after I filed my lawsuit against al-Arian, I did it: I caused some trouble. I invited some 40 of the top trial lawyers in America to come down to St. Petersburg, Florida. Boy, did I have a deal for them. I wanted them to put up millions of dollars of their own money -- I'm poor, I had no money to give them -- but I wanted to do something for America.

These are lawyers like Ron Motley that had won billions of dollars in their lawsuits against the tobacco industry and the asbestos industry. I said, “What I want you to do is look at the evidence I've collected. It's the same Saudi banks and charities that funded Sami al-Arian that also funded al Qaeda.” I said, “I want you to bring a class action in Federal Court in Washington on behalf of everyone who died on Sept. 11th. I'm going to work for free and collect all the evidence, introduce you to the experts, provide all the exhibits and documents . . . and we have to do this for America.”

The lawyers studied all the documents I collected, and on August 15, 2002, they filed the largest class-action lawsuit in American history in the Federal District Court in Washington D.C., asking for one trillion dollars damages against the Saudis. The lawsuit said essentially that all these Saudi banks had one thing in common. They were bribing Osama bin Ladin 300 million dollars a year to stay out of Saudi Arabia and go blow up someone else.

Well, on 9/11, we found out we were someone else, and the Saudis had to pay for their negligence. So that lawsuit is coming along very well.

And more and more people in the CIA and FBI are sort of using me as a back channel to get our information. So, believe it or not, they've actually given me my own TV show now on Sunday mornings on FOX TV nationwide. I'm on at 11:20 eastern standard time. And ABC Radio has given me a national radio program, but I'm on at 10:30 at night and it's past your bedtime.

What I've become in my old age is a teacher. Twenty-five years ago I was a lot younger, a lot thinner, but now every day I get 500 to 1,000 e-mails from honest men and women around the world from the intelligence community.

And we have to end the evil in this world. We have to recognize that al Qaeda simply didn't spring up on its own. The evil route was Nazism. The al Qaeda Doctrine is the same as the Arab Nazis held. They hated Jews, they hate democracy, and they hate Westerners for Western culture. Al Qaeda is nothing more than the religious expression of Arab Fascism. We allowed this branch of the Nazi trunk to survive, to flourish, and it has come back to haunt us.

We must do a better job. Look at these children. They are our legacy. If we are to keep our children safe, we must teach them the lessons of the past. Every generation should know what these candles mean. Not only that one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the world really happened, but the evil that caused it -- Nazism -- survived because we didn't fight hard enough. We didn't finish the job.

But we must tell our children that in every generation the men and women of America have stood side by side with our Jewish, Christian, and Moslem brothers. We have risen up together against hatred. America is united now.

We will win the war on terror, and we will finish the job that these soldiers and survivors started more than a half-century ago. We must set the standard that to teach a child to hate is the worst form of child abuse. We must work together to end racism in our children's lifetime. We must teach our children to remember the Holocaust and be proud, so proud of those who survived and inspired us with their courage. In their name, in their honor, let us go forward and fight together.


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Saber Rattling for Iran

I was reading an op-ed from the Washington Post ( and feelings of déjà vu and dread came over me. I couldn’t help recall all the rhetoric from the left when the President was beating the drums of war against Iraq. They were all for it. The loudest voices against it now were the loudest voices for it then. Most of these hot-air bags had already given long-winded speeches back in 1998 stating that Saddam had to go, that his use and possession of WMDs was an intolerable situation, yadda, yadda, yadda. Now they are all calling Bush a liar for saying the Saddam had WMDs. F**cking hypocrites, all; and now they are all saying the same things about Iran. “the idea of a nuclear armed Iran is intolerable, yadda, yadda, yadda. (I wonder if they have their ‘Bush is a liar’ speeches ready to go for after (if) we go and take out Iran’s nuclear facilities?

What say you liberals out there? Care to go on record now, before the ‘fun’ begins, as to what the President should or shouldn’t do? According to the op-ed, “Republican John McCain and Democrat Joe Lieberman, have this month faced the Iranian Choice -- and both endorsed military action.” Of course, ever the one to avoid taking a real stand, John Kerry said we should take the problem to the UN if diplomacy fails. Right, like that has ever done any good. The UN was rattling their empty saber sheath for over ten years before we went into Iraq; can we wait ten years for the Iranians to stop doing what they’re doing and ‘play nice’ with their neighbors?

John Kerry, the war hero, figures if we dump it on the UN and Iran blows up Tel Aviv, well the UN can be blamed and we’re in the clear. Never mind the actual people killed in Israel, just as long as he can ‘blame’ somebody else, that’s good enough for him. The amount of courage it must have taken for him to state that publicly is amazing, isn’t it? Just make it somebody else’s problem. He would make a President that Jimmy Carter could look up to.

Is there anyone out there foolish enough to think it’ll be more than three or four years before Iran is ‘testing’ their new toys in Tel Aviv? They are building a bomb and that is exactly what they said they’d do with it.

So the Democrats are putting the President into a lose-lose scenario and demanding he act. He’ll be blamed for all the deaths resulting from an Iranian bomb, if he doesn’t do anything about it; and he’ll be called a nuclear madman, if he does what needs doing.

What exactly can he do? Invade Iran? That’ll be costly in lives and money way beyond what we’ve incurred to date with Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Who would help us? Sanctions won’t work because China will supply Iran with whatever they need, in order to get their oil, as may Russia.

What about my favorite solution: nuke their nuclear facilities with cruise missiles before an invasion? The biggest problem with that, of course, is the response from China and Russia. Are we prepared for another cold-war? How could we even be sure that we got all of them without invading afterwards? They have been digging deeper and deeper, burying their facilities in order to hide their activity.

So, think about it. I’m pretty sure I know what the conservatives on this list would want: follow the cruise missiles with the Marines, Air Force, Army, and Navy (they have a lot of coastline). What do my liberal friends think we should do? That’s what I’d like to know and have on record for after its begun.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling!

Global Warming

January 29, 2006

There was a long article today in the Washington Post about global warming entitled, “Debate on Climate Shifts to Issue of Irreparable Change” [], screaming that the sky is falling, once again. They use the term “most scientist agree” as though that means anything at all, which it doesn’t. There are actually a small minority of so-called scientists that agree with the position stated in this article. First of all, is global warming happening; and if so, what is causing it?

It does seem as though some of the worlds largest and oldest glaciers are receding. Weather patterns also seem to be changing, insofar as we can tell what a normal weather pattern is. So, perhaps there is some reason to think that the Earth is going through some change. OK, so what? The Earth has been going through changes for eons and probably will continue to do so for eons to come. It’s done that before people walked the Earth and has done it several times since. In fact, change seems to be the norm for the climate if the Earth. Why would people start thinking that we have anything to do with it now; and why do they think we can do anything about it at all? Greenhouse emissions are down considerably (at least in this and other Western industrial countries) since the sixties, yet whatever is changing continues unabated.

The first thing we need to understand about all these changes is that it is the sun that drives them. Our sun, Sol, goes through all sorts of changes, sometimes involving cycles that last tens, even hundreds of thousands of years. We cannot possibly do anything to affect the cycles of the sun. Only the severest megalomaniac would think otherwise. That this (possible) current climatic change is originating from the sun is evidenced by the fact that even Mars is experiencing the same phenomenon. NASA has reported that, since measurements started some decades ago, the Martian ice-caps have been receding by 10-20 meters per Martian year (about two Earth years). Are the ‘Chicken Littles’ of the Washington Times intimating that the greenhouse gasses produced here also affecting the Martian climate? That is blatantly preposterous!

While it is true that a continued warming trend here on Earth would be catastrophic, especially for the coastal regions of the world; it is simply silly to say that we, or any group of countries, are to blame. Were we to discontinue the burning of any fuels and huddle in caves, the sun would continue to cycle through its current phase and the world will, or will not, continue to get warmer depending on the length of the solar cycle. The glaciers would continue to melt and the coasts will be flooded if the sun continues to warm. What would be gained but ceasing to be warm and mobil?

What we need to do is get realistic about what is happening, and especially why it’s happening, and make plans to salvage what can be salvaged from the threatened areas. Plans for evacuating the coastal cities of the world should be made now, before it’s too late. The task will be monumental and costly beyond anything ever undertaken by mankind since Noah built his ark. So monumental, in fact, that people are refusing to see the obvious and will continue to blame the industrial Nations of the world until it’s too late and millions of people are displaced, drowned, and/or world-wide panic ensues.

Going around saying that the sky is falling will be as effective as it was for Chicken Little.

That's what I think; and I'm Ichabod Crane!