Thursday, September 16, 2004

Notes from The Federalist ( number 4-37 Brief

Notes from The Federalist ( number 4-37 Brief

“Members of the liberal media elite have become rather choosy when it comes to advocating stem-cell cures for degenerative medical conditions. To these commentators, cures using adult stem cells just aren’t the ‘right’ cures. For stem-cell therapy to really count, it has to come from embryos. Indeed, even the most astonishing research advances using adult cells are ignored by these arbiters of public policy as if they never happened. And since liberal elites dominate public discourse in the stem-cell debate, the American people remain generally unaware of these astonishing scientific advances. ... Media opponents of President Bush’s stem-cell policy often accuse the president of deciding science questions based on religious beliefs. But they are the ones whose ideological predilections and personal antipathy for political opponents are making them incapable of appreciating the evidence. As the old saying goes, none are so blind as those who will not see.”
--Wesley Smith

“This young century will be liberty’s century. By promoting liberty abroad, we will build a safer world. By encouraging liberty at home, we will build a more hopeful America. Like generations before us, we have a calling from beyond the stars to stand for freedom.”
--President George W. Bush

“It is the responsibility of the President of the United ensure that the safety of our people cannot be successfully threatened by a hostile foreign power.”--Ronald Reagan
“Now say someone comes to you looking for a job. Right off the bat, you notice something strange about his résumé: It goes on for page after page about a job he held for four months, more than 35 years ago, but makes only the barest mention of anything he’s done since. You have him in for an interview, and he can’t give you a straight answer to any question about what he plans to do in the job if you hire him. ... Still, you decide to check out his references. (John Edwards: “If you have any question about what John Kerry is made of, just spend three minutes with the men who served with him.”) Some sing his praises quite extravagantly, but a greater number describe him harshly as a man of dubious character, and some accuse him of lying on his résumé. He acknowledges a few embellishments but refuses to provide you with documents that would shed light on the other accusations. Would you hire this man? And would you fire an employee of four years’ standing in order to create an opening for him?”
--James Taranto

[Holy crap, batman! - IC]

“Here’s the reality: Though clearly a devout Christian, Bush is no more outwardly religious than the vast majority of this nation’s presidents, including the most recent. I researched the Presidential Documents -- the official collection of every public presidential statement. An examination of the mentions of Jesus Christ by George W. Bush and Bill Clinton showed that through 2003, Bush cited Jesus, or Jesus Christ, or Christ in 14 separate statements, compared to 41 by Clinton during his eight years in office. On average, Clinton mentioned Christ in 5.1 statements per year, which exceeded Bush’s 4.7. Bush’s biggest year was 2001, when he mentioned Christ in seven statements. This was the year of September 11; he was especially introspective, and often looked upward for strength. In 2002, he cited Christ in five statements. Most interesting, in all of 2003, the Presidential Documents displayed only two statements in which Bush mentioned his Savior: the Easter and Christmas messages. It may be reasonable to conclude that the hostile press reaction to Bush’s mention of Jesus has pressured him into silence. Such pressure was never placed on Bush’s Democrat predecessor. President Bill Clinton’s top year for Christ remarks was 1996 -- the year of his reelection campaign -- when he spoke of Christ in nine separate statements. Clinton mentioned Christ almost twice as much in election years.” --Dr. Paul Kengor

[Some of their readers’ comments]

-- I have always endorsed the following type of solution, especially on airplanes. Naturally, on airplanes we’d need smaller calibers with rounds designed to fragment rather than penetrate.
– Ichabod Crane

“The terrorist attack in Russia last week could never happen here thanks to Feinstein, Schumer, Kennedy, etc. They passed the ‘Gun Free School Zone’ bill. The terrorists would never dream of breaking such a law. In reality, why not follow the example of Israel where administrators, teachers, parents, grandparents and older students are armed and trained. This has prevented bloodshed in their schools.” --Butte, Montana

-- I openly admit, as if I hadn’t previously, that I hate John F’ing Kerry; and this is exactly why.
– Ichabod Crane

“I saw a campaign slogan this morning that read ‘Kerry for a Stronger America.’ We know what Kerry’s 1971 congressional testimony did; how it empowered the enemy to continue the fight, how his testimony was used to further torture the POWs in captivity. What is John Kerry’s current rhetoric, that Iraq is the ‘wrong war,’ doing for the morale of the troops stationed in or returning to Iraq? Is it emboldening the insurgents in Fallujah or Najaf? How does this help strengthen America? Kerry undermined and endangered his brothers in arms in 1971 and he is doing so now.”
--Collierville, Tennessee

The Last Word
“Zell Miller can’t understand how someone who aspires to be commander-in-chief can vote for a war, and then oppose the appropriations to fund it at the moment of truth -- no matter how John Kerry tries to explain away that vote as just a matter of parliamentary procedure, a misunderstanding because, after all, he voted for the appropriations before he voted against them. Ol’ Zell can’t see how a responsible wartime leader could think, and vote, like that. Not when American troops are committed and in the field. Neither can I.”
--Paul Greenberg

I’ll also second that puzzlement – Ichabod Crane

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