Friday, October 10, 2008

Can Obama be any More Dangerous?

Now that ACORN is coming under fire for their voter fraud activities in several states (and a possible RICO investigation), Obama is denying any association with that organization. You might remember, however, that ACORN is where he did his ‘community organizing’! Like his associations with the Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Richard Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and others, he is trying to hide his radical background. In fact, insofar as CAIR goes, he had a campaign staffer last year that left his campaign over his association with that group but he was replaced with another person connected with it, who is now coming under fire for that connection. CAIR, in case you don’t know, is on the Homeland Security watch list because of its connection to Hamas and Hizballah.

Who is Obama, anyway? The person he says he is in his book(s) is a radical who learned to fool people by being friendly, articulate, and soft spoken. (‘Fooling People’ is the phrase he used in his book, by the way, not something I am attributing to him.) Something is very odd about this guy, at the very least. Like when he was twenty years old, why did he go for a visit to Pakistan (from Malaysia)?

Remember my report on the issue of his birth? He is using a CAIR lawyer for that, too, rather than simply show the record number on his ‘live birth certificate” that is redacted on the copy shown on his website. Then the plaintiff could go to Hawaii and ask to see that record at the hospital where it was issued. He chooses to fight the suit instead. How suspicious does that seem? He doesn’t seem to care, though, and as long as the MSM is carrying his water, he can obfuscate all he wants to and the MSM will make his excuses for him.

The old saw for the time of the Third Reich goes something like, “The bigger the lie, the easier it is for more people to believe it.” Obama would seem to be the personification of that saying; nobody wants to believe that he is the dangerous radical that more and more evidence seems to say he is. He says so in his books (his version of Mien Kampf); he says so with the people he learned from growing up (one of which was a charter member of the American Communist Party); he does have some Muslim background, which normally wouldn’t be an issue, but why did he visit Pakistan when he was twenty and why would he deny it now? He uses CAIR lawyers (who would do that?), and has great mutual respect for Luis Farrakhan. Moammar Kaddafi talks highly of him, as does the Iranian President; and he seems to be drawing money (some of which was found out about and sent back) from Palestinian sources linked to Hamas. His friends and neighbors, with whom he also served on ‘charitable learning foundations’ (that seem to have lowered the standard of education in Chicago) were members of the Weather Underground who addmiitedly bombed Congress, the Pentagon, police stations and other government facilities; only to get away with it due to legal technicalities. Now, of course, Obama denies knowing them. He has denied so much of his background and the people in it that we must believe he lived for over thirty years in a vacuum, with no friends, no associates, did nothing with anyone, worked alone as a community organizer (how does that work?) – he’s just a blank piece of paper, just like his resume. In the difficult times ahead for the country, how can we even be thinking about letting someone who has done nothing, with nobody, and did it no where, get into the White House where experience and decision making is a major part of the job?

The current market crash is likely in response to the polls that say Obama is likely to be the next President, too. With the financial crisis facing us and the collapse of industry due to lack of money and credit, what will he do? That must be what Wall street is asking itself as investors are desperately trying to sell everything they have. Will he Nationalize the nation and bring Socialism to America for keeps to fill the void left by the collapse of Capitalism? If you think that’s good or even funny, think about whatever retirement portfolio you have and what it will be worth when/if that happens – zero! Some people want to turn to the government in times of financial uncertainty; but the government is what has caused this financial uncertainty to begin with, especially the liberal policies from the New Deal, to the Great Society, to the Community Reinvestment Act, we are coming closer and closer to Socialism and the collapse of industry here and around the world.

Global Warming has its role to play in all this too; we all heard Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives tell us that she would stand in the way of oil development in this country in order to “save the world.” Do you think these democrats in Congress will be disappointed if industry fails? Hell no! That would be the end of pollution; and that means more to them than your lives, your jobs and you futures! That’s who they are; that’s what they’ve said in hundreds of ways, culminating with MS Pelosi spelling it right out for us. She would sell us all out in order to Save the World… The world doesn’t need saving except from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the rest of these liberals with their heads up their asses, thinking it’s in the sky!

I heard today where some financial experts are saying that if Obama gets into the White House, the Auto industry in this country, maybe around the world, will be the first of all the major industries to collapse and them by next year! Expect all coal-fired electrical generation plants to be shut down quickly, too. The House democrats, again lead by Nancy Pelosi, have already blocked the construction of new coal fired electrical power plants; it’s just one short step to close the ones that are already running. What then? How will industry run without electricity? Coal produces the vast majority of electricity now; but burning coal puts CO2 into the atmosphere! How long will we even be able to get gasoline, at any price, once industry is shut down? It won’t matter because you won’t need to commute anyway, there’ll be no jobs at all by then.

So what will the future hold? If Obama wins, there won’t be a future as we know it. If he loses we might have a chance. Nothing is yet too far gone that it can’t be rectified; but it’ll take a lot of changes to the way the government runs. All these cancerous programs and liberal policies will have to end or be restructured so they can work in a way so they will not be totally dependant on taxes, that’s for sure. They are all sagging under the weight of the Baby Boomer generation retiring anyway. Something has to give, folks; and only a determined and focused electorate can do it.

Things always look darkest before the storm. We have 24 days left to save the country. I will finish as much as I can with the blog I am getting ready that names culpable names and explains how this housing bubble came to be and came to burst, causing this financial crisis the country is in. I don’t know how it relates to the financial crisis happening in Europe and Asia, yet; but I will include that too, if I can. It is getting close but some things are harder to dig out than others. From what I’ve been able to uncover, so far, Obama and his associates are deep in the thick of it. Don’t let the democrats fool you into thinking they are fixing anything – they are who are culpable. As I’ve been saying, with all the digging I’ve done I have yet to find a republican name attached to any of it – the democrats wanted all the money and all the glory; but what they earned is all the blame in a multi-trillion dollar scandal/swindle that may well mark the end of the country.

We have to stop Obama’s run to the White House; he is the biggest disaster the democrats have ever perpetrated on us to date. Compared to Obama, Kerry would have been desirable (and he’s a full-fledged traitor); but I don’t think he was capable of destroying the country – Obama has us nearly there now!


There is a virtuous fear which is the effect of faith, and a vicious fear which is the product of doubt and distrust. The former leads to hope as relying on God, in whom we believe; The latter inclines to despair, as not relying on God, in whom we do not believe.Persons of the one character fear to lose God; those of the other character fear to find Him.--Pascal

“Democracies are most commonly corrupted by the insolence of demagogues.” —Aristotle

“Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand.” —Augustine of Hippo

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius

Veritas vos Liberabit!

God Bless America, we need it!



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I love reading this gibberish. Way to keep it stupid.

Ichabod Crane said...

Ad homonym attacks identify the poster far better than a name.
Thank you for showing us what we are up against.