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Global Warming, Part MMVIII

Algore is getting desperate. Why else would he disperse hundreds of millions of dollars on a marketing campaign for a ‘scientific theory that was decided years ago’?

I have been perusing a website that is indisputably biased towards displaying AGW (Anthropomorphic Global Warming) as a hoax; and those who cling to it, as charlatans. If anything, they are heralding the next Ice Age; but I think there’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek along with that declaration. leading me to:, specifically: And a particularly interesting story from the BBC at:

( is worth the diversion, if I might call it that, about the (remote) possibility of an ice age descending on England.)

Feel free to start where you’d like and if you find something worth pointing to that I have not yet, send me the link where you found it and I’ll take a look.

I am still on the section about Greenland’s glaciers expanding; and it is apparent why they built the website. There seems to be as many (or more) glaciers in the world that are expanding as thee are those that are disappearing. They point out articles that grudgingly admit to that, then go on to say the expansion is due to Global Warming. No matter what the news, stories end saying it is due to Global Warming. Places warming – Global Warming; Places cooling – Global Warming; ice thickening – Global Warming; ice thinning, Global Warming; everything is Global Warming in many news articles. It’s just pathetic, really. Worse still are the articles that seem to have just disappeared. Oh, the links go to pages at the news site mentioned, but there is no story displayed, nor is there an error message and the page is marked (on the browser) as being what it was pointed at. Very strange…

Anyway, like I said, I’m still at the part about Greenland’s glacier(s) thickening and spreading. It would seem that all the excitement about the rise in sea levels is extremely exaggerated and premature at least. In fact, if the current trend continues, more of the Earth’s water is going to be trapped in Greenland causing the sea level to recede a tad. How disappointed Algore must be about that; no disasters to point to, so he has to rely on silly people becoming more alarmed.

Having no real events to alarm people with, news stories that I’ve seen (from this site or on my Google News page, where I built a section dedicated to Climate Change news) are suggestive, with phrases like ‘if such and such happens, then this’ll happen’ or ‘something could be caused by , leading to accelerating ’ but no facts at all. Like a story about a glacier growing in the caldera of Mt. St. Helen’s. The story goes on to say, “… which may be the only glacier in North America, or possibly the World, to be growing. …” Yet there are a dozen or so within five hundred miles that are, indeed, growing! The authors of these stories are dedicated to maintaining the myth of Global Warming, just as the same group were dedicated to the theme of us losing the war in Iraq but haven’t written a story in the past year about the war, just to maintain people’s opinion that it’s a lost cause.

Nevertheless, Congress, like a growing glacier, has picked up the cry (now, when the evidence is pilling up opposing it) about climate change and it is starting to cost you money. So far the rises have been somewhat subtle, like from using ethanol in gasoline. Actually ‘subtle’ may be the wrong word as it’s only subtle insofar as to the reason for it because there’s nothing subtle about the effects. Food prices are soaring and people around the world are starving. As mentioned (by me) before, croplands in Africa have been diverted from food to ethanol production, despite the surrounding famine. I only use the word ‘subtle’ because, so far, there has been no direct carbon tax, like what Algore is calling for. (See cartoon, below) The one thing we can count on with Congress, is to be a day late and spend lots of your dollars on the completely wrong things, creating the most possible negative consequences.

I took a peek at the section on Antarctica. Being the largest reservoir of ice in the world I thought it would make this note more complete and accurate. Depending on how you look at the expression “Most of the world’s glaciers” I may have been quite inaccurate above when I said, “There seems to be as many (or more) glaciers in the world that are expanding as thee are those that are disappearing.” It may have been more accurate to have said that 90-95% of the world’s glaciers are expanding, especially if we look at total volume, not just as a matter of named glaciers. Antarctica is about twice the area of the United States and all of its glaciers, except perhaps those on the Antarctic Peninsula, are building at an almost alarming rate, about 5’ of depth a year. Many of the scientific stations there have had to have been rebuilt a half dozen times over the past twenty years as the snow and ice have risen to engulf the previous ones.

From Canada’s Financial Post, datelined Sept, 2007: The story is about Antarctica and the scientist’s ten year quest to find evidence of climate change.

From the article: "The best we can say right now is that the climate models are somewhat inconsistent with the evidence that we have for the last 50 years from continental Antarctica," he stated, adding that "We're looking for a small signal that represents the impact of human activity and it is hard to find it at the moment."

I would think it would be hard to find, as it doesn’t exist! The world is far too large for us puny humans to have any impact on its dynamic systems. Maybe, and that’s a big maybe, and if the Earth’s climate system was static we might be able to have an effect; but it’s not static, it’s dynamic, consisting of many feedback systems built-in to counteract intermittent effects, like volcanoes (which have far more impact, individually, than all the activities of mankind put together). The puny amounts of CO2 that we add to the atmosphere is simply god for plant life and nothing else. Even with what we add there is barely a few hundred parts per million molecules of the stuff in the air, far too little for it to influence a greenhouse effect. Far and away any greenhouse effect in the atmosphere comes from water vapor and perhaps to a much lesser extent, methane. That comes mostly comes from flatulence and that must surely be diminishing along with diminishing herds of huge animals. Now cows make most of that and we’re doing our part by eating them. CO2 is insignificant; all the talk about is has more effect than it has on the weather.

Not only are we not having an impact on the Earth’s climate, we couldn’t if we tried. It would be far easier to affect local weather than global weather and we cannot even do that. We can’t even predict what the weather is going to be next week and Algore, et al, would have us believe they can predict what it’s going to be like a hundred years from now. Their models are consistently wrong yet they cling to them and continue to sell them to gullible politicians who are afraid of their own shadows.

Enough for today. It’s too much to hope that it’s enough forever, though. As long as Algore and his minions are trying (and succeeding) to influence Congress (and the courts), we’ll all have to continue to fight back less they win and we all have to pay far more than we can afford to. Ultimately, if you see through all the hype, the goal of these people is to bring the world’s economy back to eighteenth century levels, where fossil fuels are left in the ground and transportation will be as far as horses will carry us.

The bright side of that lifestyle is that it’ll have less of a shock when women have to also start wearing burqas and need to follow alongside a man in public. That is, like life in Afghanistan eight years ago. Ready for that?

In closing let me mention a book that I’m reading on the subject called “Climate Confusion – How Global Warming Hysteria Leads to Bad Science, Pandering Politicians, and Misguided Policies that Hurt the Poor” by Roy W. Spencer, PhD. His PhD is in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin in 1981 and is the Principle Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where he directs a variety of climate research projects. (He knows what he’s talking about and writes in a self-depreciating sort of way, adding some humor into a grim subject matter – the Man-made Global Warming scam. For example, from the last paragraph of the Prologue: “Critics of this book will say that my treatment of global warming is obviously biased. And they are right. I have studied the issues enough to have developed some very strong biases on the subject. But it is not a question of whether or not bias exists – for we are all biased. It is a question of which bias is the best bias to be biased with.” After that there is a great deal of common sense, very little pandering, and a great deal of reason with facts enough to support what he says. I am just getting started today; but it is not a long read, under 200 pages in all. If you get a chance to get it, do; it’ll make for a good afternoon at the beach reading.



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