Sunday, August 27, 2006

Terrorist are 'immigrating'

As if the millions of illegal immigrants weren’t bad enough of a problem to our economy and autonomy, this (below) displays that immigration is a bigger problem than all of that; it is a National Security problem that isn’t being view properly at all, by anyone in authority to do anything about it. If you think that the government could have prevented 9/11 if they could only have ‘connected the dots’ you should see that this is exactly the same problem and with a similarly catastrophic conclusion if these dots, which are huge and well defined, are not connected and dealt with.

If, like me and other clear thinking people, you see the 9/11 problem as something that was inevitable due to the prohibitions on connecting the dots that were imposed by the Clinton Justice department, particularly Jamie S. Gorelick, you will see that this is a dangerous situation of politicizing a politically-correct (politically insane) issue that will ultimately lead to a tremendous loss of life and possibly a loss of our way of life.

The dots are connected, in other words, but the politicians are refusing to call it for what it is – invasion!

Our cities are already under siege from the central American gang called MS-13, that import drugs, prostitution (white slavery - a misnomer, as the women enslaved are from all races), and violence that has been unseen since the days of prohibition. (Drugs are today’s prohibition, with the same problems and with the same call for the same solution, repeal!). Now there are signs: mid-east money, clothing, and newspapers, found at border crossings, that clearly indicate that terrorists are coming through our porous borders as well!

What the hell is it going to take for us all to come together and stop politicizing every god-damned thing the President does to try and secure the country? Sometimes I think it will take a mushroom cloud, reaching into the stratosphere, to get us all on the same page; sometimes I think that even that will be used by envious politicians and demagogues to further tear us apart and lead us to our ultimate annihilation. Some of the pundits on the left are so deranged that I believe they would do that, just to satisfy their twisted egos.

People on the left (and some on the right) need to stop and regroup. They need to take a fresh look at what is happening in the world around them and refrain from the ‘politics of destruction’ that has a grip on them. Politics aside, this is a bigger problem than ‘who won what election’ and ‘who lied about whatever’; we have a real enemy that is winning because of our inability to unite and deal with them. Once the Islamofascists are defeated we can get back to bickering about the trivialities of life.

Gay marriage, killing babies (for whatever reason), minimum wage, evolution, all of these ‘oh so important issues’ are nothing compared to whether we continue to exist at all! Can’t you see that? Once we end the threat of annihilation, we can get back to these trivialities, let’s just get together for now and make a coordinated effort to win the global war on terror. After that, hell, after that you can impeach, hang, draw and quarter, whatever, to anybody you want; let’s just make a future where those, and other things, are even possible.

If we continue to bicker while the enemy plans, we won’t have anything to fight over in ten to twenty years. We will all be under Sharia Law and that will be the end of the dream of our founding fathers anyway. That will be the end of a thousand years of human advances; does it really matter if Bush really won FL once that happens? Get real, get a life, fight for our lives; that’s what’s at stake! John Kerry, Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, et al, will be able to escape to Bora-Bora when the terrorists win; where will you go?

I want to stay here – and fight the bastards, all of them!

-- Ichabod Crane

From: The Patriot Post :

Texas sheriffs: Terrorists crossing U.S.-Mexico border

The Texas Sheriffs’ Border Coalition believes that terrorists are linking up with drug cartels and the Mexican military, learning Spanish and Mexican culture, and then sneaking into the United States. Items found along the banks of the Rio Grande include Iranian currency and military badges in Arabic.

The Sheriffs note that many border crossers are not Mexican, and though fluent in Spanish, they speak with a non-native accent. One particular Arabic patch garnered attention: It read “midnight mission” and displayed an airplane flying over a building heading towards a tower. Department of Homeland Security statistics show that 40,000 non-Mexican illegals were rounded up between October, 2003, and June, 2004.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s office numbers non-Mexican illegal crossers at almost 120,000 from January through July 2005. Perhaps if Congress and the President began treating this as a security issue rather than a political chess game, the problem could be solved.

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