Tuesday, June 21, 2005

God’s Prayer to His Creation - a new poem by yours truely.

God’s Prayer to His Creation

By Aime Watts

June 21, 2005


Arise, cast off your load and soar

Into the clear blue sky.

Fly hither and yon

Or’ the open fields of dreams

And let your mind wander free.

See the hills and know

They are there to be climbed;

View the sea and know it is to be crossed.

Fly, fly far away and let your dreams guide you.

Fear to trespass nowhere,

All is yours to explore.

Follow a stream to the ocean,

See where a woodland path goes.

Let the road lead you where it will,

To what adventures await you

If only you let them come.

Be what you can,

Let not others hold you back.

You are the master of your destiny;

Only seek it out;

It will not lead,

Though it is there to be followed.

Fly on gossamer wings,

Chase the rainbow and let it blind you

With its brilliance and glory.

See the stars?

Go to them as they beckon you

To expand and be one with them;

To be one of them.

Shine as a beacon for others to follow

As they fly and find their way

To undiscovered lands

And dreams

And life

Without end.


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