Sunday, April 10, 2005

It's OK to be Conservative!


I’d like to say that in spite of what you might think about me, because of my statements on current events, I am not a hater of people, any people, at all. I am passionate about my country and our Constitution and get too upset when people misread and misunderstand it. My rants and statements are only intended to inform and make people aware; mostly they are intended to reinforce people who also believe in our Constitution but are cowed into silence by the loud voice of liberalism that has been growing and reinforced by a judiciary gone amok.

It is OK to believe in God and to expect our public education to, at the very least, acknowledge Him. I don’t hate atheists who have worked so hard to change that for they have shown us that change is possible. Now let’s change it back!

It is OK to believe in family values; but to still be able to accept people who march to a different drummer – but it is also OK to not want our society to be ruled by the different marchers. There is room for middle ground here and we should all find a place in it; but we need to resist being ruled by any minority that gets a loud voice. I don’t hate minorities, but there are too many of them to let them be in charge! We the people means ALL the people.

It is OK to make money and be prosperous; there is no shame in wanting the government to keep their hands out of our pockets. The world and our country have survived without socialism for a long, long time; we do not need to feel that we need to support everybody who cannot, or will not, support themselves; but, we should have a charitable nature – it simply shouldn’t be mandatory. Being forced to be compassionate loses the meaning of compassion. We have the right to be selfish, only God should judge us for it, not our neighbors; they don’t know who we are or what other problems we face. I don’t hate the poor or the rich; they all (we all) need all the love they can get, they all have their cross to bear.

It is OK to believe in life; wanting children and the infirm to live out the life that God gives them is not wrong. Dealing in Death is wrong, every time. Anybody can issue death; nobody alive today has the power of life –only God has that. Despots and dictators who say they have the power of life and death only have the power of death – let us see them resurrect a dead body and I’ll agree that they have the power of life. Eternity is a long, long time; three score years and ten is a short, short time by comparison. We should do all we can to ensure that everybody gets as much time alive as possible, the alternative is too permanent! I find it hard not to hate people who think death is best for anybody; but I know they can only see the light through love, so I do my best.

It is OK to believe in God, let people ridicule you for it, so what? Eternity is too long to take a chance that He might not exist. If He doesn’t exist but you spend your life thinking He does, so what? Let the worms judge you, that is our mortal fate anyway. If He does exist and we deny Him, then there will be a long eternity to repent in. In other words, there is absolutely nothing to lose by believing in and giving homage to God; there is everything to lose otherwise. Love God with all your heart and your fellow man as you love yourself and how can you lose? (Of course, some people loath themselves, but what can you do about that? They are the ones who are a danger to themselves and the rest of us.)

It is OK to believe in America, the America described by our constitution. More people should read it, it just isn’t that long nor is it that hard to understand. We the people are empowered by it and we the people are suppose to have the final say (through our elected officials first, by the Second Amendment when all else fails). Judges are at the control of congress, our elected officials, so that we, the people, have the FINAL say. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the courts, any court, has the authority to rule on the constitutionality of laws, that was taken as a role by the Supreme Court and has yet to be challenged. The courts are out of control. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals needs to be severely admonished by Congress for its recent act of Contempt of Congress. Judges need to be made aware that Congress (we the people) controls them. (See article III of the Constitution.) It is OK to be angry about this, you should be very angry about this; we are losing control of our government! It is supposed to be a government Of the people, By the people, and For the people; but now it is simply ruled by the courts in an arbitrary and inconsistent manor. Judges are not and should not be treated as Kings!


Best regards,
Ichabod Crane

Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty.
--Anne Louise Germaine de Steal, French author

Veritas vos Liberabit!
God Bless America!



LARI said...

If this society was not able to be ruled by different marchers, we would all still be singing " God Save The Queen" :)

Ichabod Crane said...

Who are you? More importantly, what did you mean but what you said; that was one of the most ambiguous things I can imagine. (OK, maybe not that ambiguous, but cryptic nonetheless.)
I certainly agree that we are a country of people who march to many, many drummers, and that is what freedom is all about; but what’s your point?

Are you implying that you don’t think I like differences of opinion; or that you find me ‘out of step’ with the common marcher?

To clarify my general position, I am a Constitutional Conservative. That is, I love our founding documents and ideals and wish the government would adhere to them. They aren’t now, but they have a lot of the people fooled. I like trying to sort things out; that’s all.

Curious, that’s what I am, just wondering.

Thanks for the comment though, it lets me know that somebody’s reading this!

Nick Danger said...

Hear Hear IC, good post. I'm glad I took the time to read it. I need to make more posts espousing our common views. I also am a staunch conservative, who does not hate. Take heart, I firmly believe, that as conservatives, we are heading back towards our "hey-days" during the turn of the century (1800's to 1900's). Where we spread freedom equality and economic prosperity. Our future is bright, be proud to be part of the movement.