Friday, October 15, 2004

Stem cells, Stem cells & Stem Cells

This has become an issue of confusion, but there is no need for it.
Bear with me as I try to infuse some insight…

President Bush has not issued anything prohibiting ‘stem cell research.’

President Bush is the first President to allow federal money to be used for this research.

I have found that there is a huge misunderstanding about this issue. I’d like to clarify what it is all about.

Stem cells are cells that, with some programming, can become any type of cells. They are the type of cell, that in an embryo, that can become any other type of cell. They can become heart cells, muscle cells, bone cells, nerve cells, eye cells, etc., etc., etc.

They are a fertile area of research that could lead to many cures for human ills.

This research should be promoted and encouraged.

President Bush is the only President to allow federal money to be used for this research.

There are several ways to procure stem cells; out of the fat cells gathered from liposuction; cells harvested from placentas, cells garnered from umbilical cords, and cells removed from human embryos are among the most fertile sources from which they come. All are allowed and supported with federal money. The embryonic stem cell are those that are under contention.

There are some seventy lines of embryonic stem cells that are being researched using federal money; there are no problems with them.

What the President is holding money back from is from the creation of new embryos for the purpose of killing them and harvesting their stem cells. It would seem that he doesn’t approve of making babies for the purpose of grinding them up to get new stem cells.

Understand that stem cells from the existing (70) lines can be made to reproduce more stem cells forever. There will be enough of them to provide for all research on them forever. There is no need to make babies and put them into a grinder for any reason.

President Bush has allowed research on everything except making babies and killing them for research!

George Bush has not prohibited anybody from doing that either; that is his shame!

President Bush is the only President to allow federal money to be used for this research.

Superman is still dead!

Neither of the John/John’s are the Messiah.

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Ichabod Crane said...

It seems that an injection of antifreeze at the injury site withing a week of injury is showing more promise for spinal cord injuries than all the stem cells used to date.

On a test of many dogs that had injured spinal cords, about 80% recovered the ability to walk after the injection of an antifreeze like compound into the injury site compared with less that 20% recovery of a group that used conventional treatments.

It would seem that we don't need to grind-up babies to make people walk after all.

Praise God!